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midnitesurprise information personelle

  • midnitesurprise

  • Occupation: self employed
  • Centres d'intérêts: Enjoying Life!
  • Sexe: Couple htrosexuel
  • Date de naisance: Aot 1960
  • Groupe ethnique: Blanc
  • Statut matrimoniale: Couple fidle
  • Sexualit:
  • Fumer: Oui
  • Taille:
  • Silhouette: Normale


From Grand Rapids MI Alan is 58 and Dee is 49 and getting more involved in the lifestyle as we can, meeting new friend's etc. Love toys, lingerie, pics ,videos and sharing! Dee is an amateur adult internet star know as Sweet Sexxy Dee!

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 - Dees first real threesome 2
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 - Dees first real threesome!
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  •  05/10/18
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midnitesurprise blogs

Pics and videos

We hope you are all enjoying our pics and videoes. We love to do them and share too! And for some, we can maybe make some with you too! lol 

Pics and videos

We hope you are all enjoying our pics and videoes. We love to do them and share too! And for some, we can maybe make some too! lol 

Fun and NAUGHTY friend's

To me, the Lifestyle not only means sex with others but having good open minded NAUGHTY friend's. Sharing pics, ideas, thoughts, stories and adventures. Getting to know each other for when the time CUMS to meet and PLAY. We are then much more CUMfortable and ahead of the game too. Just having FUN! And if we never meet, we are good, fun, open minded and NAUGHTY friend's from afar! lol 

Our Story

We have been together for 18 years now and just enjoy life.  The other guy we have played with is her ex husbands cousin! They were both interested back in the day but couldn't do anything. He saw us online,lol He is bi but we haven't done anything yet though, although I am curious, so sure it will happen someday.  We have hung out a lot , cookouts, bonfires etc. Unitil the night we played! Photo shoots of Dee, both of us eating her pussy and ass, her sucking us, and fucking her good! Him much more as I watched and took pics and videos as Dee enjoyed it all! And now her GF some too, she is a petite latin woman and Dee always bragged to her about me eating pussy so good, so she wanted to find out herself. lol It was kind of just me and her every now and then but now we play together using toys and oral on them both. Someday more I'm sure! I also found out that Dee also likes watching too,lol And she squirts like crazy and has multiple orgasms! And we had her first threesome a few years back, but it took a year to happen and more a lunch time quickie for him, but of course after that she wanted more for sure! lol We have been to some meet and greets and one lame house party, just flirting, etc and many of the women were not too happy as Dee walked out in her black leather outfit seeing their men's jaws drop! lol And of course all that we have done on the internet for years. Dee is a mature amateur adult internet star! Known as Sweet Sexxy Dee! And of course her ex husband would die if he knew and saw her today! I kind of actually stole her from him after we fucked 7 times the first night! And a few times back in the day, at least 12 times in one day! Alan 

As we get into the Life Style more we want to find a couple we can beCUM friend's with and FWB too! 

Fun Times

 We had met a guy online and he lives in MI, but travels for his work a lot. We met him at his hotel in the lobby one day when he was in town, Dee being pretty nervous, until he walked in. About 6'4" nice looking man. And from his profile a cock as big around as a beer can! Dee instantly stared at him and turned to me with a big smile! lol We all chatted some in his room and then all got naked, as he ate her pussy, me playing with her tits and sucking me some. Dee sucking his HUGE cock some and then he put her legs up as he mounted her and slide his huge cock in her! As he fucked her good and me playing with her tits and taking a few pics too we have posted here too I think. I'm a little curious and so is he so we each while having fun felt each others cock and sucked each a little too! And of course he is HUGE! And even made Dee bleed some! And made sure to tell Dee she was amazing too! Needless to say she was pretty sore the next day and looking forward to the next time with him for sure, only allowing much more time, lingerie, toys, pics and videos too! And probably a little more of him and I experimenting more too. We are also on SLS but as free members and they have changed a lot now too so can't contact anyone. and still pretty new to the LS other than our internet things we have done for years. I can send you links to it all too if your interested. I have several adult groups on yahoo with thousands of members from around the world to share and have fun, etc. , Dee's group, her website and more! If only her ex husband for 18 years ago could see her now,lol She never did anything until me as well as feeling the pleasures I give her too! I actually kind of stole her from him,lol 


Dee  ( aka Sweet Sexxy Dee ) is an amatuer adult internet model/entertainer. We have several adult groups with thousands of members from around the world! Totally uncensored! Dee's groups and website,etc.  

And on sites all over the net! 

Message us privately if you want more info. 

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