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how do I seduce my wife into enjoying sex and giving pleasur
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Message how do I seduce my wife into enjoying sex and giving pleasur 
Hello: :? how do I get my wife to touch me and give me head and enjoy touching all of my body? i mean she is from the 1800s. She would put sexy lingerie and then turn OFF the lights. I have gone down many times in her and I know my technique works as she twists and moans uncontrollably. But then, she does not reciprocate. :cry: She does not like "that part of me". I shave it clean for her and still NO. She can't handle after I come. If that happens (I still last my hour or so :D ) being 46. But, I have tried "somewhere else" I'm sorry to confess but, I was going crazy not knowing if it was me. And, yes I climaxed twice and the other lady was a bit heavy set and to her credit made me do all that. This other lady is talkative, outgoing and we can have great sex without compromise. Well, for now. I have calmed down since then afraid the other lady might fall in real love and it is agreat friendship as is. Now back with the wife, her sex is a one page Manual. Turn OFF the lights, I have to make her and myself excited, she will not get involved, she will enjoy it and then run off to the shower to clean off that dirty uff, geez. I have confronted her, if she actually likes me. She says yes. I have talked to a very few partners I have had to see if I am good looking and they agree. I am 46 but younger looking. Must women that approach me and become friendly are 30-35 years old. I keep in shape and tanned. I am easygoing and polite, never loud or rude. Anyway, I've cheated once or twice because I feel abandoned. I've thought of divorce but there's a 14 year old that would not understand. So, nowadays, I am kind of being dressing nicer, and smelling better, and all. Maybe, my subconscious is in the hunt mode,...to my shame. What can you say, and ...and don't be cruel here.

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Message It was not me 
Had 4 different females in the past 5 years and they were each highly satisfied. Including compliments of athletic body and a thick member. Since then, ...I separated as I think my wife just dislikes me in so many ways. She can do her own life now.

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