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Silk and Satin Fetish Lovers!
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Message Silk and Satin Fetish Lovers! 
Hey everyone Kristian here,
I am hoping by posting this topic more lovers of silk and satin will start joining our community
You'll find I share the same obsession with this glorious fetish of silk and satin clothing.
I am a satin blouse and satin robe lover but I also love wearing satin boxers and I wear shiny satin shirts with my suits... For business AND pleasure.

When I see a pretty woman wearing a solid color shiny satin long sleeve blouse ( career blouse) , short skirt and heels I am instantly hard. If I am in a bar and meet a woman who isn't even very attractive but is wearing a shiny satin blouse, I am instantly drawn to her and I can't help it.

I know so many of you can relate and have similar experience if not identical
But that's not why I started this topic

My lifestyle, business dealings and financial situation allow me to do something that I use to fantasize about as young man. I am not married nor am I involved seriously with a woman. I have attempted to find happiness this way in the past and I've always been unhappy and so were they. I also do not date in the traditional sense because quite frankly I don't have time for it.

My situation is unique, Being 35, attractive, successful in business, financially well off and in a position of power since I run my own companies , I've been blessed to not only have lady's approach me BUT also be able to maintain mutually beneficial arrangements where both of our needs are met.

I am direct with my lady friends about my extreme satin fetish and what all of our encounters are going to consist of. I have a large wardrobe of women's shiny satin blouses, all colors and sizes and I have a variety of sexy satin robes in different colors and sizes.
They also know that every part of our session will be videoed but assured it will not be publicized on social media or anywhere it might be seen by anyone relevant, and then it begins.
The experience is so unbelievably amazing that nothing else could ever compare.... until I had an idea ;-)

I love sharing my videos and photos and stories with all of you and when you tell me how you got off after watching my videos or viewing my pictures, it makes me really happy. I share my satin fetish real life fantasies with all of you because it allows me be the real me with people that understand me.

How would all of you satin fetish lovers like to Not only view a LIVE Satin fetish session with myself and my ladies via ***** BUT also get to direct the action in real time?

You Choose the satin clothing, choose the pace, the positions, Anything you want!

Want the satin blouse, or panties, lingerie that was used in the session?
Capture the highlights of each session in real time and keep it for your collection!

I really hope this has gotten a lot of you excited and I also really hope to get contacted by a lot of you interested in this Live Session offer


Thanks everyone! Please contact me soon[/img]

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Message satin blouse fetish 
WE are big satin blouse fetish couple that like the element of bondage. We both luv when we i slowly rub my cock over my wifes satin blouse and get hard and soak her blouse in pre-cum and feel her nipples getting erect thru the wet soaked blouse. WE like to share pics and vids on a personal level in regards to others that share the same fetish and maybe develop a longer term relationship with our compatible partners.

cheers blouselust cpl

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