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Soon to be out on the town

 I will soon be out for some fun, may be frollocks, very soon. Looking for a very good time.

Back and Bad

 Been away for a bit. Have i missed much?


 Hope you all have a forfilling Valentines weekend :-) 

Random Question

 Just a question to find out about the lovely ladies. What is the thing that makes you orgasm and cum the most?

Just Enjoy

 You have smooth, silky thighs?  Enjoy my lips, hands and tongue caress slow up them. Slowly making my way to your sweetness. I like a woman who apprcates good foreplay and oral!

Miss Given Attention

For a couple of years my girlfriend has been off sex, however she has always loved me going down on her.  I love licking her pussy, but now she has gone off any affection. I am now starved from my favourite sexual act, miss foreplay and the taste of wet pussy.

Now I looking for pussy to play with and lick and a clit to uck on. Also enjoy tonguing a tight arse.  If any ladies fancy attention inbox me. Also  happy to chat too 
Just Looking (There's a song there I think)

I am looking.  Looking for a sexy lady in south Wales (UK) or west of England who likes having their pussy eaten.  I can't get enough off tasting sweet juices.  There's more on offer of course.  Ideally ages 27-45, but not strict on this.  If this is you, look me up :-) 

Just me


Just uploaded my first vid.  Sorry not the best and short as been busy playing for sometime.  

Happy New Year

 Would to wish everyone a Happy New Year, here's to a sexy 2014


 I would like to wish everyone in the community and very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you celebrating.  Enjoy the holiday period and have plenty of fun in 2014.  SPREADING THE LOVE!!

Is this the end

 Well, I am starting to think this site is crap and whether I should bother carrying on.  Looking to start a new 2014 and coming off this site maybe on change, we'll have to see!

The boring one

 Saturday night, stuck in, no naughty action, just a boring Saturday night.  Long wait until Match of the Day so had to fill the time.  Decided on abit of porn and the use of my hand, whatelse could I do!

Woke with 'morning glory' this morning, had to make the most of it, unfortuately by myself.  At leastI had an image of someone in a body stocking, you know who you are ;-)

Lets hope next weekend will be more eventful! 

Weekend finally

 It's finally Saturday morning here in the UK, can appriciate for some it is well into the afternoon and others yet to begin.  Anyway is time to party and have plenty of fun.  Hope you all enjoy yourselfs!

In the local (pt 3 finalle)


WhenI walked into the kitchen, she turned to face me, leaning against the kitchen unit as I stood in the doorway.  She had two vodka and lemonade poured out in the glasses next to her.  She told me to come and get my vodka as she ran her hands over her breasts.  I walked over and stood close in front of her, took the glass and had a sip.  I placed back on the worksurface, leaning forward I started to slowly kiss her neck.  Hearing her moaning while I worked around her neck, while I felt one of hands grab my hard cock.  She started stroking my member and we started kissing softly on the lips.  This quickly got more intense as our tongues got intwined, my hands sliding up her 'hold up' covered legs, up to her bare thighs.  She led me back into the lounge and she sat on the sofa and slide down.  I started to lick around one of her nipples, my tongue occassionally flick over her erect nips.  Then moving the other, my hands massaging her breasts.  I kissed slowly down her body, down lower and lower.  I parted her legs and slowly pecked up the inside of her thighs, slowly working up her soft smooth skin.  At the top, I kissed and lick around her pussy, avoiding her intimate parts.  This drove her wild and the moaning got louder and more regular.  After plenty of teasing for over 5 mins, I pressed my lips against her clit, sucked firmly as I licked, she yelped!  I ran my tongue up n down her pussy, sliding it in and out of her wet hole.  I then concentrated on her clit, my lips and tongue working her swollen love bud, while I slid a couple of finger into her, tickling in her pussy.  She really got vocal, alot of moaning and shouting, I slide a finger of my other hand slightly in her tight arse...she screamed and sqirted her juices all over my face...tasted soooo nice!  I didn't stop, carryed on attending her clit and fingering her holes.  Her shouting continued and more juices squirted everywhere.  

She shouted at me telling me to fuck her with my bare cock. So I slide her towards me, lifted her legs, and slowly slid the tip of my cock in, when out, just a little more at a time.  She was crying out for me to fuck her. I slid my full length in and started slowly, using my thumb to rub her clit.  I thought her noises and shouting would disturb the neighbours!  I got harder and faster until I opened her legs wide and fucked her soaking pussy hard, her tits dancing as I thrusted hard into her!  She built and built until with yet another scream, my cock was covered!!  She then lent forward and suck her juices off my cock.  Her mouth was nice and warm and she used her tongue so well.  I emptied my load into her lovely mouth and I was exhaused.  We decided to have a quick drink and have a shower together. 

We wash each other down and after another drink, we hit the bedroom.  Now the rest I am not detailing, but it was another two and half hours until I left.  In the bedroom involved using toys on her, handcuffs and blindfolds.  Still I gave her a massage with oil and alot of oral for her to enjoy.  Oh and finished the night with some anal aswell.



In the local (part 2)


Myself and the blonde returned to the pub after our visit to the local train station.

We both had another drink and she then introduced to a friend and neighbour of hers.  There was this smart and sexy woman standing in front of me, mid-later 40s, curvy figure which looked good in a purple midi dress, shorter bobbed brown hair and alluring eyes.  She told me that she was out while her husband was away, he was a truck driver.  

After finishing our drinks the three of us walked to the brunette's house.  Once inside she got out the vodka and put on some background music.  We all sat down on the large sofa in the living room, the blonde to my right and brunette on my left.  The blonde incouraged us to get to know each other better.  We all had a good laugh, the drink flowed nicely and all were abit tipsy.  The brunette then grabbed the front of my jeans and gave a bit of a rub with her hand, she told her friend she should see something and told her about us at the train station.  The brunette smiled widely as her face lit up.  She said she wished she was there, I replied that she was here now.  She gazed at me, eyes seemed looked, until she stood up.  She stood in front of me and asked if I liked her dress, I was very complimentry about the way she looked.  She turned and lifted her dress, up over her arse, revealing her hold ups and black thong.  She asked if I like her arse, I again was complimentry about her very fine looking backside, as well as her legs and choice of underwear.  I mentioned that hold ups were a big turn on for me and that I was getting hard.  Also the blonde still had her hand on me.  The brunette turned, smiled and sat back down, up against me.  The blonde decided to unbutton my jeans and pull my cock out, which was now hard, she then stuck it in her mouth and started to suck.  The brunette and I started kissing, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouth, my hand caressing her supple thighs, pushing up her dress til my hand could feel her skin.  The blonde was carrying on where she left off, suck hard and taking me down fast.  I noticed her hand was inside her trousers, she was having a play aswell.  The brunette stood up anf faced me, started to dance and do a striptease in front of me.  She slowlybremoved her dress and it dropped to the floor, then removed her bra, releasing an ample pair of breasts!  She sat in a chair on the other side of the room and slide her hand inside her thong.  She started rubbing herself while she watched the blonde suck me.  She was very turnef on and I was very excited, told the blonde to kneel on thevsofa so I could reach for a play.  She did, like the train station I started using a couple of fingers in her pussy from behind.  The brunette got even more excited watching this, she slide of her thong, slide down in her chair, opened her legs wide and started fingering herself.  This was first time I got to see her glisening, shaven pussy and I could hesr how wet she was.  Hear moans got louder and she fingered herself and rubbed fast over her swollen clit.  The bronde was also moaning with my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking.  I could feel myself building, the blonde was close to orgasm and the brunette was writhing around, get quite loud now.  My eyes fixed on the brunnette and her hot pussy, she let out a squeel and her pussy squirted her juices over the chair and wooden floor.  She continued to rub vigourously on her clit, her juices splashing over her and more squirting on the floor.  As she looked and gazed at me with a big smile, she sucked her wet fingers, I moaned and emptied my full load into the mouth of the blonde.  I quickly told the blonde to lie on the sofa, she was close to orgasm and wanted to finish her off.  I pulled off her trousers, opened her legs, slide her panties to one side.  Placing my lips on her clit, I sucked and licked her swollen love bud, while I had my fingers inside her.  She moaned and let out a gasp as I felt her sweet juices hit my fingers, I slide my tongue in her for a taste mmmmmm.

I quickly went ovet to the brunette who was slowly playing still.  I put a finger slightly into her dripping pussy and had a taste.  The blonde told us to have fun and she made a quick exit.  The brunette now stood up and had to go and wipe up her mess.  In the kitchen she poured us another drink, as took my jeans and shirt off and went to join her!


In the local (part 1)

 I went to a local pub saturday night near to where I live in the country outside of Swansea.  I got talking to this blonde in her early-mid 40s who was with her husband and with a brunette friend of hers in her late 40s, her hubby away truck driving.

So the blonde was very flirty most evening when her hubby was talking to other people and her friend was chatting to other local women.  The hubby let about 10:00 as he had too many and was an excuse for the blonde to get more flirtatious.  She started to rub the front of my jeans, which made me almost instantly get a throbbing feeling.  She asked me to join her outside, I couldn't resist.  Opposite the pub is a train station, a small one platform part-time station which always open and has a brick built shelter with a long bench seat.  We sat and she unbuttoned my jeans, causing my semi hard cock to pop out.  She gave some strokes and I started to get hard quickly.  I undid her trousers (pants for US readers) and unzipped them, slide my hand in and pressed against the front of her panties.  I could feel she was already a little moist, so I pressed and rubbed.  After a few minutes she kneels on the bench next to me, place her down on me and started to lick the tip of my cock.  As she ateased the rest of me I slide her trousers off her arse and pulled her panties to one side, so I could run my fingers over her trimmed pussy.  She ran her tongue up andvdown my now hard pulsating cock.  My fingers flicking her clit, occassionally I spanked her rounded but. Firm arse.  She looked up at me and we gazed into each others eyes, as we did she slide her lips down my shaft slowly, her mouth was warm n wet and felt good on my cock.  She slowly started to slide her lips up and down, with her tongue still licking around the head.  I slide a finger into her pussy from behind, then a second, she made a little moan of satisfaction as I tickled her inside.  Not long before she was going to work on my cock, taking it all in her mouth.  I started to thrust, fucking her mouth while she moaned and gagged, she was now pushing herself on my fingers, fucking them.  I felt her pussy tighten, her moans got louder, she pulled away from my cock, stuck her tongue in my mouth and I then felt her cum on my fingers.  She stood up with my cock still standing to attention.  I was hoping she'd finish me off but said that I should meet her friend.  She sat on my cock and rubbed her arse again me and then pulled up her panties and trousers.  I fastened my jeans and after a moment to allow my cock to calm down, wet back to the pub.



 Well, it's finally the weekend.  Thinking whether a few drinks tonight is a good idea, as a few usually turns into a session and I become a naughty boy!  Due to that, of course I am going out, local bar I think.  There is usually a regular couple in there and the wife is quite flirtation.  I get the impression they are into swinging, or open relationship, so may try and find out.  Either that, or I will be too pissed to stand lol

Hope everyone else can have a good weekend, if you can't be good...be naughty!!

Hot Women

 I would like to say that there are some very sexy women on here and like to thank them all for sharing.  I do enjoy very your pics and watching your vids and especially to my 'friends' who post some very sexy footage and photos :-)

Guy n girl preference

 Hi everyone.  Just a random to judge opinion, please leave answer in comments.

For guys:  Do you prefer blonde, brunette, or redheads?

For girls:  Facial hair/stubble yes or no?

What i'm looking for

 Well i have got chatting to some lovely ladies on here, but they are either a distance away or live on the other side of the pond.  I AM LOOKING FOR any lovely ladies in SOUTH WALES who would like to get chatting and aquainted and maybe meet up.  I am just looking for some fun and discreation is a must.  Whether it is just a friendly chat or maybe more, if you live in south Wales and you're interested, either reply on this blog or inbox me.  I am very openminded and just enjoy good company.  I hope to hear from you soon.  

Flirty neighbour

 I went outside to put out the rubbish / trash to the bins outside, its dark but enough street lighting i can see what i'm doing.  While outthere, i happened to glance up and the light through the kitchen of my neighbour caught my eye.  I could see my neighbour, in her late 30s in here kitchen sat at the table on her laptop.  Noticed that see was playing with one of her breasts through her night dress.  I paused for just a second or two and went to walk back indoors, when our eyes suddenly met, she smiled and gave a wave before running her hands over her breasts.  She stood to open the window and i approached.  She told me she had been looking at some porn online and felt horny.  I mentioned that i noticed her hands touching herself.  She showed me a vibe and said she wanted to play right now.  I looked down through the opened window and she lifted her nightdress, and pressed the vibe against her clit.  To anyone who may have looked, it looked like we were just chatting.  She leant towards me and place her ample breasts on the window edge, i cheekily ran my hand down her cleavage and she didn't stop me.  I continued the caress both her breasts in my hands, she was moaning, as she slide her vibe inside her.  She told me she wanted me next time, as she lay under the window on the floor.  She opened her legs wide as she fucked herself hard and rubbed her clit.  Noone else could see her, but may have hard her, as her moans got louder.  There was a hard throbbing in my boxers at this point.  She let out a yelp as she came and i could hear her pussy squelching as she slide the vibe in and out.   She stood up and put her fingers inside her, then put them on my lips.  She tasted very nice.  We gave each other a quick kiss with a little tongue and i continued back inside my house.  Was abit suprised with what happened and still had a hard on.  May see if a chance of more than just watching.

Strange eve!
Local Liason cont.

Continued from my previous blog entry, with my liason with a local 28yo blonde.  We're at her appartment, on the sofa, my shirt off and she is only in a white thong.  She's lying there as i admire her beautiful curves and 36Ds.

I place my hands on her hips, slide them up caressing her curves, cupping her ample breasts.  I lean forward and place my lips on her neck, softly kissing her, hearing her breathes getting deeper.  I slowly kiss down her body, while my hand presses against the front of her moist thong.  My tongue runs around her hard nipples, pressing my lips against them as she moans.  I kiss lower, over her tummy, her belly button, down to her panty line.  I slide down the front of her thong, run my tongue down inside.  The tip of my tongue meets the top of her aroused clit, I run my tongue around her clit, as her moans start getting louder and more frequaint.  I slide her thong off over her legs, revealing her shaven, glisening pussy.  By now the throbbing in my boxers was solid.  I lean down and placed my lips upon her clit, giving a gentle suck, as i press my tongue again it.  Within minutes she was moaning loudly and gave a yelp as her juices flowed.  I slide my tongue up inside her to taste all her sweet juices.  She then push me off as she needed a rest.
More followed but, this is a sneak peek.  Hope to see her again for a longer session!
Last blog


Local liason

 Just thought i'd add another entry, two reasons really.  Firstly, it's be a while and secondly, i forgot there was a blog facility on here!

So this week i met a local girl off a dating site who i'd been chatting to all week.  We decided to hook up in the afternoon, so i finished work early and met up in the park.  I saw the lovely smile of this 28yo cute looking blonde.  She was wearing a over the knee white summer dress, which showed her perfectly formed curves perfectly.  We embrassed and had a kiss, a little tongue exchange and went to her appartment.  She poured us a glass of wine and we sat on there lounge sofa.  We were quickly kissing passionately, hear had slide under my shirt and up to my chest.  One of my hands gently caressed the side of there neck, while the other slid her dress over the knee and half up her though, so i could stroke her warm smooth legs.  She pressed more against me as i start to lie back more on the sofa, one of her legs came across mine.  I could feel throbbing starting in my boxers, as her body pressed against mine, our lips touching and tongues intwined.  My hand moved down from her face and neck and ran it down her cleavage, between her perfectly formed breasts.  My other hand slide up her thigh, it was wrapped around her soft thigh and stroking the inside.  She pulled her lips away and lent her head back as she release a soft moan, i lend forward and gently places my lips on her neck, softly kissing round her.  She pushed me back down on the sofaso i was lying down, she then completely straddle me.  She unbuttoned my my shirt and removed it, she started to kiss my chest.  My hands, holding her legs, slid her dress up over her peachy rear, discovering she was wearing a thong.  I grabbed her cheeks and gave a squeeze, massaging her hot backside.  She then came up to me, licked and nibbled my ear and told me she was getting wet.  I replied that i'd like to get her wetter and taste her.  My fingers moved over hear cheeks and ran them down there thong, down slowly between her legs.  Pressed firmly, but rubbing gently, i could feel her most intimate parts through her thong, warm and moist.  She started moaning and kissed me firmly on the lips.  She sat up and removed her dress off over her head, and undid her bra clasp.  I slid her straps of her shoulders and the bra dropped, releasing her beautiful, ample, firm breasts.  I pushed herback so she 
First Blog. Come and see

My first blog post will be short and sweet.  I am no longer a satisfied guy and the relationship with my girlfriend is no longer physical.  Things used to be wild and regular, but over the past year or more, action has dried up.  That is why i am here, enjoy watching other play and be intimate, but i am really looking to chat to and meet new people.  Unfortunately as i get no attention at home i have to get my kicks elsewhere.  Feel free to comment and message me if you wish.  Hope the get aquainted to some of you.

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