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oldman1952 blogs

she finally said yes but has ????

well where to start? a little background.. we have been together a little over a year and a half,, her 76 yo white 5' tall with 32DD. pic will follow as soon as I get an OK..me 66 about 5'  10"  7 1/2 to 8" thick too..

so we meet online and talked for a few weeks then went out..on bout 3 date I got her naked and went down on her.. her FIRST time ever having anyone suck her titties(other than her babies) and FIRST time havig her pussy licked.. followed by her first ORGASM..then her first fuck in over 20 years.. WOW did she ever get hooked!!

now she enjoys it when I eat her pussy nearly EVERY morning,some times during the day and some times when we go to bed at nite.. she also enjoys a good fucking on a regular basis..

she cums REAL easy.. me on the other hand takes a while.. always has taken me a while.. so I had not cum in a week or so .. one nite after eating her then fucking her she slid down on the bed and got a outh full of hard cock.. her FIRST ever!! in a little while I warned her "IF you don't stop YOU WILL have more than just meat in your mouth"  she did not slow down.".just keep it up I'll cum in your mouth".. NOT a flinch!! so I gave her a FULL LOAD!! squirt after squirt.. stayed hooked up and swallowed every drop.. pussy juice still on me when she started her first BJ.. NO problem.. still no problem today when she blows me.. getting REAL GOOD at giving BJs!!

the other nite while running my mouth I said "candy is dandy but sex does not rot your teeth"  now she wants me to prove it.. HOW can you prove something like that?? I said I could ask for your opinion and she said "I want to read their comments" so PLEASE leave me a message so she will let me post her pix and keep eating her pussy.. guys and gals comments are welcome.. and gals if you like a guy to eat your pussy let her know that too,PLEASE!!  TTHANKS for the help... Earl

new gal

well now I have a new woman.. she is mid 70s.. yes she has bout 10 yrs on me but she had never had an orgasm(that has changed) never had her pussy ate ( fixed that too) and never had a cock in her mouth( fixed too) .. the first time she went down on me I came in her mouth.. she swallowed.. no problem.. now she blows me from time to time and expects to swallow a load every time.. SWEET WOMAN only bout 5' tall.. willing to try anything and I do mean ANYTHING!!  most willing sex partner I've had.. she does not allow me to take pix ... maybe someday??? 32DD  SMALL NIPPLES but fun to suck on... HOT BODY!!  almost too small of a woman too 69 but we make it work.. does not matter who cums first the other gets to also..so far. we are happy together..  any ??? just ask   .. Earl

start of something new

well my wife just recently passed away so here I am at age 64 starting all over.. back when we got together over 35 yrs ago.. we were all over each other several times a day.. most days 3 to 5 times.. I'd eat her pussy and fuck her.. once in a while she would give me some head but the only way I could cum in her mouth is to time it perfect while we were in a 69..WOW was she pissed when I got it right as she did NOT like cum!  as life went on as most couples we both put on some weight so 69 got harder to do and the fucking slowed to a crawl..I'd still find a chance to eat her till I had pussy juice dripping from my ears.MMMMMMM!! some times I was left out so I kept asking for a blow job but was always told no.. one day I got to thinking.. she seems to enjoy giving some head... MAYBE.. put on a condom.. sit on computer desk in front of her and ask..  she went to work... SCORE 1 FOR THE OLDMAN. over the next several yrs I was able to get a bj from time to time.. not as good as bareback but none the less it was good.. I could still get some pussy too.  over the last yr or so her health really went down hill.. several small to medium issues then a major surgery.. followed by 2 more rehab..got sick.. just not strong enough so she did nothing in nearly a yr.. about 3 or 4 had she not said that I needed to find some other bitch to fuck I would be in bad shape.. I've been able to see my fwb a little while wife was in hospital but now fwb is sick with cancer.. we still enjoy each other when we can.. I eat here to multiple orgasms then fuck her or after a good eating she gives me a bareback blow job.. mine was the first dick in her mouth and she loves the taste of cum.. like all women she loves it in her pussy too so either place is good.. hopefully she can beat this cancer back and be around a while BUT  this is round 4 and she's not real strong... but we WILL play when we can

THANKS to everone for the help

I know there are a few who have read my blog,rant,or what ever you wish to call it... BUT the dead beat DO NOT APPROVE has moved out of my house and I wish to thank ALL USA taxpayers and a SPECIAL Thanks to those in OKLA. for the help paying his rent.... YEP you got  it.. a nearby city housing authority... oh well now it is back to just me and her (wife) and the dogs.. I have been 3 days so far trying to get the house cleaned up.. the wife has health issues,,, UNLESS the deadbeat calls then she RUNS out the door to as I say change his panties.. 43 yrs old..c&c machinest.. NO job..no house..5 ***** with 5 women  pays no ***** support... anyway while he was here I told her I would NOT live with him...... I was GONE from MY house ALL day every day...       PLEASE don't feel sorry for me as for about 3 months I had a FWB.. titties to suck WHENEVER I wanted.. pussy to finger OR fuck ANYTIME I wanted ,, BJ when ever I wanted..we had to take a break in mid june and I've only been laid once and blown once since then...wife still  knows NOTHING about any of this and what she does not know does not hurt me..  anyway I have to go as she is waking from her nap and I CAN NOT let her see this

doggie style SEX

there are 3 kinds of doggie style sex... there's the one we see here which is ONLY partly doggie... then there is the REAL one which is much the same ONLY in the middle of the front yard when the ***** bus is going by (i HAVE NEVER HAD THIIS KIND)... THEN there's the kind my wife ENJOYS ..I sit up and BEG... SHE rols over and plays DEAD... oh well  .. life is a BITCH....THEN YOU MARRY ONE

something new for me

Hi all you happy hory people!! well some things change while others are SSDD (SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY) The DEADDBEAT  is still here although we did loose his crack whore (that's what I call her) but that is the OLD story

  Now for the something new... it all started sometime back when the wife and I were NOT getting along to well..no kissing touching,fucking,etc so I meet this gal by accident on her job.. I found she likes to play around and has no steady guy.. we got to talking and flirting.. a few text and a few calls and she's wanting to meet when she get's off work... she has a pickup with a bad tranny and wants to talk about me changing it out.. well being retired and farming I can do odd jobs here and there so we were going to look at the truck and discuss payment... well she was wanting to know how much pussy or blowjobs it would take to get me to do the work... well as it turned out her dad got her relative to do it BUT she still wanted to hook up.. I was working in a hay field so when she got off work she drove out,,we locked the gate,,drove down into some trees. after talking a bit I wanted to see her tits...WHAT DO I GET BIG BOY??  I ask what she wants and we end at about what I had in cash... YEP 61 yrs old and I paid a gal for sex for the first time in my life...once she got some $ the clothes were gone and play time was on.. feel tits,sucking tits,playing with shaved pussy,,fingering,,she got off on my fingers and squirted,, DAMN she was WET!! she sucked my dick and I put on a condom and fucked her rightout in the field. fucking in hay field is NOTHING new as I've done both of my wives there however this is FIRST time "LAY FOR PAY".. was she GR8 ..no  did it feel good to bust a nut HELL YES!!!   happiness the rest of the day until I had to return home.. wife suspected but can NOT prove anything... I still get laid once in a while at home and I still flirt looking for someone FUN.. thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I'm sorry I don't write well

DAMN the "luck"

well for those FEW who have heard my story in the past ..the shit hit the fan again!! we had an agreement if wife did not keep we fucked I could find a FWB..well folks let me tell you! she caught me looking for her a "helper"...PISSED is an UNDERSTATEMENT !!  over the last 3 months or so She has done EVERTHING she could think of to try to make me MAD..The agreement was BJ or sex WHENEVER..I asked wednesday afternoon and got some sunday nite..I'm retired she's on ss disability so midday is good too.. any way it is normal when ever the guy wants it is WAIT and when she wants it is NOW!!!!!  so I think I'll ask for a BJ today to see if she'll cum thru..THE BAD part is she said NO MORE NUDIE sites or DIVORCE so until next time when she'll not suck or fuck I'll be gone..I give her 6 mo.TOPS..I'll let you know when I back until then don't do anything I would not enjoy

just a QUICK note

Hi all you wonderful SEXY people ..Well just a quick note to say Hi and I'm still alive ...getting bitched at EVERY day..she still does NOT want me on ANY "nudie" sites..I wonder what she thinks of my profile on a dating site??? what she does not know will not kill me.. I'm not able to comment very often (she's gone to Dr. appt)  sex is still hit and MISS around here ..I don't understand why younger people think I should be slowing down as I'm only 60..until next month.. anyway may EVERYDAY be wednesday for everyone... HAPPY humping EVERY hump day

WELL ....here we go again

well the wife of almost 33 yrs wants me to leave all nudie sites...she is talking about the BIG D if I don't...if any of you have checked the law a woman with health problems that's been married this long can take me to the cleaners so I'm going to leave..until she says I can cum back or when her health gets so she will not know what I'm doing...I've REALLY enjoyed you WONDERFUL people..THANKS for the good times...I hope to return shortly...Earl


after 7 weeks and 4 days the ex daugh=in-law is OUT back to her own house...she is the one that told my wife of my affair over a year ago..and I blame her for starting it!                         it all started when the wife told me and some neighbors  that she would no longer be having sex with me AND if I wanted some pussy I would have to find some SOOOOO what anybody should doI waited to see and sure enough the first 1 nite stand of my life ( I'm 60) happened at the end of 4 months of NOTHING..VERY few hugs or kisses...NO touching..no suck or fuck...now she says ANYTIME I want but seldom cums thru..she thinks being on here is cheating...oh well..   I do some farming so I am out of bed around 5am  she goes to bed about 4am...you can wake me up if you want sex anytime she tells me but it is like rap eing a bear NOTHING but growls..anyway once these gk ids go home I'll get some afternoon delite...maybe things will get back to normal...if not I've already found 4 or 5 that might want to just be FWBs.......  ENJOY the one your with and PLEASE don't do anything I wouldn't enjoy!! 

she's STILL here

Well I still have NO cure for STUPID!   after 7 YEARS..eeerrrr I mean weeks (just seems like years) I still have an ex Dau-in-law staying here after a surgery...her idea of feed the 3rd graders is to tell them to fix them and her a sandwitch.follow with a yogert and cookies and a coke or DP..they can not find ANYTHING but a burger if you take them out to eat.HERtraining.                                                                                                               my   wife is not very free with taking care of me as she has her head stuck up the dil's ass..                                                                                    the other nite I woke up about 2am..both women awake playing on their computers..and me with a raging hardon...I FINALY got the wife attn ..liked to NEVER got her to get up to see what I wanted....and after delivering the 3rd graders..I stripped her and played anyway(about 8:30)                        tonite I gave her $100 to pay bills and they've gone to wallies world...and she wonders why I like to go online to talk to the girls and look at titties and pussy...DON'T say look at ex-dil 5'8"..275# and UGLY  the boy should be sainted for staying 15 yrs...FAT UGLY STUPID and a BITCH............          been with wife 33yrs...she's good to me EXCEPT when someone is here...ALL summer and every other weekend                                                              I put a profile on an adult dating site..no photo just a little about me and I may be looking for a Friend With Benefits..in 2 days I had 3 hits in less than 20 miles...if this goes too long I may have to "look closely" at these hits.......................                                                                                      I HOPE EVERYONE has a GREAT orgasm with nyour spouce and Lover..and may they never meet (unless you want them too )

Doe ANYONE have a cure ???????????????????????????

Does anyone have a cure for STUPID ?   it seems the more grandk--ds we have here the stupider the wife gets..now we still have the ex dau-in-law,,her 2 and 2 more....wife and ex dil both have Dr. appts about an hour from here (knew about wifes) 1 went to *****..2 women and the 3 others in a 5 passenger suv...then asks "are't you going to drive ???????????"  I reply "I can take my truck"   WOW you would have thought I pissed in her post toasties!  IF anyone knows of a cure for STUPID I REALLY NEED some..if pills we could start with 100,000 ,,or liquid 100 gallons (ex dil NEEDS treatment too)   IF anyone knows the cure PLEASE message me...I have started looking again as she is NOT doing her part of our agreement..she agreed if I stop looking ,flirting ,and emailing..I can have pussy or blowjob anytime I wantas long as any minors in the house are *****..well FORGET that..got some twice in 3 weeks..I want sometime 2 to 5 times a week..also there's been VERY little titty play .grab ass,etc so I'm doing some looking..Thanks for letting me vent..HAPPY SEX to ALL..oldman


Hi all you WONDERFUL people..I thought I would update my story as wife is gone today..Well she is doing MUCH better at taking care of me..when the story started (check earlier posts) she was not cooking or anything..now I can have sex ALMOST anytime and she is keeping me well fed.. however she still calls looking at other women's titties and pussies online as cheating..                         at this point in time I think I deserve some SPECIAL bonus! our FORMER d..-in law..( I don't like her ) has been staying with us for a week and a half..fat,ugly and stupid...did I say she was STUPID..anyway after a surgery my wife is taking care of her...did I say which woman was stupid????  anyway the Ex DIL stirs up shit at every chance she gets...anyway I came by to let you fine folks know I'm still alive an enjoying sucking and fucking and when I can I'll be back to enjoy being here with all of you..the only advise I have is : Eat before you get hungery..drink before you get thirsty..and most of all fuck and suck EVERY chance you get..

What a difference a year makes

Hi all..well if you have read my other post I've already told you about back in like aug. or sept. telling me she was DONE with sex..IF I wanted to ever get laid or a blowjob I had better find some place to get it..well after going from before my birthday (early oct) until our anniversery (12-12) with NOTHING..I went on a road trip...I drove to another area of the state (Ok) and spent the nite..first 1 nite stand of my life..I was 59 yrs old                                                                                                                                                                                                                   after not getting laid for my birthday I  started going to some web dating sites..MOSTLY a waste of money..anyway I did meet a real woman who was not getting enough at home..when our anniv. hit and she was a BITCH from the time she got up..I called the woman and she said tomarrow nite was GOOD for her..told me where a cheap motel was..and said bring a HARD dick.....she'll bring the 44Gs,a wet pussy and a willing mouth...needless to say it was already HARD!   On the 13 I drove off to look at a public hunting area 100 miles from home...15 miles from her home.  .                                 I found the motel..not a 4 star but clean and just off the main road..about 5 miles from her house..laid back and waited..she called about 7PM  I'm 2 blocks away..what room?  I meet her for the first time as she enters the room..door barely shut and shirt is gone and kissing like long time lovers.. she was a bigger gal than I thought but when 2 horny people are there..I undid her bra and tits spilled for the next 5 min! HUGE..WOW! I love tits and enjoyed them as I pushed her pants and panties to the floor..started to play and she pulled my sweat pants down to find my HARD cock..we were in bed in .2 seconds flat...then it happened..the brain malfunction..strange woman..first in over 31 yrs and it goes SOFT...I go down and get her off....   still NOTHING..she turns and grabs shorty.goes to town ..has me hard again..I ask if she wants to fuck now that it's back but I could not understand what she said as her mouth was full of hard meat...she went after it until she got a mouth full of cum..swallowed ,,smacked her lips and kissed me..                now that we both got off once we laid and talked for a little bit...kissing,touching,playing with her titties and pussy so we are fucking like rabbits in no time..then laid back to talk and watch tv..I fell ***** as it was about 1AM and I'd been up since about 5AM....I woke up about 4 (she worked nites) she was laying there naked...she was on me like stink on a skunk and we had a slow soft fuck..turned this way then that..fuck then 69 then back to fucking till we cum again...laid naked until it was time for her to get off work..she got dressed and left...                                                        it was raining so I could not go back to the hunt area as the roads are NOT graveled and BARELY driveable when dry so I headed home..                  things were not much better for a while but that is another story....now I get laid ALMOST anytime I want..she has grandoffspring here on some weekends...I got laid for my birthday AND anniv. this year as well as a lot between..I hope you enjoy this I know I enjoyed doing it and telling you about it..Merry Christmas to ALL....I hope you get laid for the holidays!!!!!


well let me say I really enjoy this site..so now back to what is going on here..wife agreed to move back into my bed IF I stopped looking at naked women..well now that lasted about 2 weeks..she moved back to the guest room..I'm back on line..we still have our agreement that WHENEVER either of us want sex the other deliveres or we can go outside to enjoy..I had to remind her after she moved out as she was trying to deny me..well what can I say...her blowjobs leave a little to be desired..she either pulls away and just drops my cock cold or she puts a condom on me as she does NOT want cum in her mouth..She was wanting the other day and we got into a 69 and I took FULL advantage...about drowned a woman!  best cum in sometime!  well I still get layed but she is number shy..NO 69s...she likes to face sit or have me go down..I love the smell and taste of pussy so going down is no problem..she will give a LITTLE head to be sure it is HARD..he likes it REALLY hard..I'm only about 7 3/4 and thick.we are both overweight but oh well we're old too...I'm 60..still ENJOY Beautiful women..the look smell feel touch WHATEVER I can get...she hates that I look or email the wonderful women but WTF take care of business or let me play..I have slowed down as I only want about 3-5x a week..unless with someone new then.....well what can I say..I think I'll close for now...I'll let you know if anything of intrest happens

I MUST leave at least for a while

WELL the wife found out I was making comments and had a few girls emailing me and is screaming that's CHEATING...D???  STUPID SORRY EX-daughter-in-law..was on my computer...wife was on hers os bitch used mine..snooped around then told wife...I understand why she's EX !! anyway I'll be gone for a while...don't know how long....I'm not looking commenting or anything even though she said I could look....IF this profile leaves you'll know I'm GONE..until then just laying LOW...waiting for the storm clouds to pass...I wish I could join you wonderful people having fun on this fun site .. until then PLEASE do NOT do anything I would not or might not enjoy...BEST wishes and much HAPPYNESS to ALL..oldman

is it better to try and fail or fail to try?

well yesterday I tried to post the first video I made..wrong format...mov not supported...oh well I'll just hae to try again...I made this video as several women from another site have been emailing asking for tributes...and with all the nice titty and pussy photos they send ..I thought..WTF..so started with cockshot..their pic on monitor with cock..got excited and sprayed some and they send and want MORE..MORE!...so I made a short cock and cum video and they went CRAZY...being the NICE GUY that I am..I was going to share as many times things get hard..correction..HARD...watching the Beautiful women (yeh I love the girls) on here...but no dice...as soon as I can get one in the right format I'll send a short thank you to the ladies .. until then PLEASE accept my heart felt THANKS for sharing your BEAUTY...AND GUYS ...THANKS for helping these ladies ..

2nd time ever to write a blog

well I thought I'd bring you up to date..since about Valentines day the wife has been holding up to  the agreement that we made...for those that missed he first round for the last few yrs I only got laid when she wanted or the FIGHT was on.. then about Thanksgiving she said no more sex you want it you find it..long story short I did..I left my cell home and a gal called..after fighting for a few day we reached an agreement..whoever wants to be laid,,give oral.. recieve oral..or whatever the other WILL take care of it...OR ELSE...have a FWB..No Bitching! ..BEST AGREEMENT IN THE WORLD..several yrs ago she lost 1 tit to cancer..a few months ago she had the other removed and reconstruction on both sides....came home with A's..had B's..now light C's and still growing..SHE wants D's...she's also LARGE but trying to loose weight so her tits will look bigger.(her idea) I'm not complaining..anyway head or pussy anytime I want unless her grand rugrats are running around the house..when they are asleep it's game on!..I can look at all the women I want on any site..she has looked a little since her tits started growing (Dr injects fluid every 2 - 3 weeks)  she starts sex about as much as I do...no FWB for now (damn) and no one to take and post pictures with either..(yet..maybe later)..anyway she's asleep and teeth are out ...looks like a good place to put my hard dick..I hope everyone gets a good agreement....and ALL THE SUCKING AND FUCKING YOU CAN STAND..

first time for everything

Well here we go...Early Dec2011 the wife comes to me and says " if you want anymore pussy you'll have to find someone to give it to you"  after I cleaned my ears and shook my head she was telling some of the neighbors thats what she'd told me..niw I'm thinking ok I get laid more than once every three months,sounds GREAT to me the hunt is on and at age 59 I have my first one nite stand.laid twice and a BJ for boot..WHAT A NITE..after this a short dry spell then everything starts to fall in line,,two local gals and one fifty miles away on the line...got to play with one local and was sexting with the other when I left my phone at home and sure enough ms fifty milecalls. This is about Valentines day. .THE SHIT HIT THE FAN!!!  "your cheating,divorce I get everything"  not quite you told all the neighbors so I was doing what you  wanted.. I found me some...long story made short..ANYTIME I want a BJ or pussy I get what I want and if she wants something I'm there again..all I do is wink and her panties hit the floor..BEST deal I've ever had..only one drawback .I can watch here,go to other sites.titty bars to look..if I touch it WILL be hell

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