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Daytime Dogging

 There are a few things more beautiful than a gorgeous summer day here in the UK. When the flowers are out, the sun is shining and the smell of freshness is in the air... A few Saturdays ago, that was the day that I woke up too. It was a perfect summer day and I felt alive with excitement. I wanted to get out, to explore and be close to nature.
So I got dressed and put on my walking shoes, packed a backpack with some essentials some cooldrinks and some snacks. I jumped in the car and headed out. I had no idea where I was going but I knew what I wanted... I wanted greenery, I wanted footpaths and I wanted to explore...
35 minutes of driving later, I found exactly what I had been looking for, a little lane that lead to a small hill, covered in trees and rocks, the kind of hill that would let you climb it and escape reality.. So I parked up the car, grabbed my backpack and headed off...
There was a slight breeze in the air, which was good as the sun was beating down, after a short while I had worked up quiet a sweat and had reached halfway up the mountain. I was on a small footpath, but it looked like it hadn’t been used for ages. There was nothing around, just me and the silence of this gorgeous summer day.
I took off my shirt, found a nice big rock to sit on and just wander into a day dream while sipping on a cooldrink, Then suddenly I heard a sound, it came from somewhere close to me, but I couldn’t see anyone around for miles.. I listened some more and then I heard a sound again. I quietly got up and walked closer to where I thought the sound came from, and then suddenly I saw it....
I could see a couple, completely naked about 30 metres from where is was, they were on a blanket on the ground, it looked like they had had a picknic and were now making out.. I was standing behind some trees so I was hidden, but I didn’t know what to do, do I quietly walk away or do I stay and watch.. I looked around me again, there was no one else around, so I decided to stay and watch and see what happens. I had heard of dogging before, but had never been involved or seen it live before.
The couple in front of me were kissing, and the next thing the lady rolled onto her back and opened her legs, the guy slowly moved his body down and before long he was eating her pussy, his tongue was lapping away and she was moaning with pleasure. They were making quite a bit of noise and decided to use this to my advantage and try and get a better view. I slowly and sneakily made my way closer and before very long I was no more than 4 meters from them. He still had his head buried deep in her snatch and now I could hear the slurping noises coming from his tongue on her slit.
I was rock hard, my cock was bulging at the seams, it felt like it was going to rip my shorts it was so hard. As I watched them, she pulled on his hair and slowly brought him away from her pussy and with ease she guided his huge cock into her wet cunt. I was standing right behind them, and from the position I was in I watched his cock slide into her. She let out a loud moan as he went all the way in, and before long he was sliding in and out of her, slowly at first but then he upped the pace. She was wet and her juices were forming a thick white sticky coat around her hole, and with each penetration you could hear the squelching coming from her soaking wet pussy.
He was thrusting so hard into her and I could tell that he was seconds away from cumming, as I watched, he let out a huge moan and thrust deep deep inside her... She lifted her legs and wrapped them around him and held him tight into her... I saw the cum oozing from her pussy as he slowly pulled out and lay on the blanket next to her..... They were both lying on their backs, and she rolled over to him and said, I hope you got more than that, I haven’t cum yet and Im as horny as hell... He giggled and said give me a few minutes and i’ll give you round 2... I didn’t know what to do, do I try and sneak away or do I stay put and watch the rest of the show... Well that fait was decided for me, because I moved my footing and I stood on a branch, with no sexual noises to muffle out any other signs, my hiding place was discovered and they saw me........ round 2 to follow....

Daytime Dogging Site - North Wales

 Does anyone know of any dogging site in North Wales for some daytime fun...?

Dogging Site - North Wales

 Does anybody know of any good Dogging sites around North wales for some daytime fun...?

Tenga Toys
 Hey everyone, 
Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of Tenga Toys, they are a very different style of sex toys..? I have just purchased the Air-Tech male masturbator... Should be arriving in the next day or so... Looks like its going to be a fun experience.
Please let me know if you have used one....!!
The mystery Afternoon - continued

 Katie and my wife left the room and I heard them going downstairs again, after a few minutes I could hear lots of giggling from the girls in the group, it was obvious that Kaite and my wife had just revealed to the rest of the girls what had happened, because I could hear them asking questions and wanting to know details, I faintly heard Katie say that she will need a bit of a break from blow jobs for a bit as she may have dislocated her jaw sucking on my huge cock.. the girls all giggled again and then they seemed to settle into whatever they were doing downstairs..

After about 15 minutes of lying on the bed, tied up, i heard my wife speaking to someone at the bottom of the stairs, she told this person to just go up the stairs, turn right and she would find me... I then heard my wife say to her.. have fun....!!
I heard the sound of footsteps approaching the room again, and now i knew that someone else was coming into the room, and had my wifes permission to have fun, who was this person, what was she going to do to me... I got instantly hard just listening to the footsteps getting closer...The next thing i knew there was someone standing next to bed, right next to me.. I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume and could hear her breathing a little louder than normal, the next thing i heard was the sound of pants being slid down, and the sound of a jumper being removed. I could not see anything, but just had this vision of some naked lady standing right next to me,, my cock was alive and throbbing..
The woman standing next to me didn’t say a word, nor did she touch me, but by the sound of things i could hear she was playing with her pussy, i could hear squelching noises coming from right next to me and hear breathing turned to moans very quickly. I could hear the juices getting wetter and wetter and could just imagine this lady next to me rubbing her clit and pussy while looking at my cock bouncing around on my belly.
Within a few minutes, i felt a leg swing over my head, and before I knew it there was a soaking wet pussy right in my face, I stuck my tongue out and licked the wet slit right in front of me and seconds later i heard a loud moaning noise and two hands grab either side of my head and shove my face deep into this squelching pussy, it exploded with hot thick cum, and the squirt shot right over my face and into my mouth, i had to gulp to keep up with the flow,,, her hand was furiously massaging her clit as she kept on cumming.. After about 3 minutes, i felt the leg swing off my head, and a soft pair of lips gently kissed my on my lips... i heard the sound of someone getting dresses and then the footsteps vanished out of the room and down the wooden stairs.. Within seconds i heard all the woman downstairs giggling again...... my cock was rock hard and needed to exploded....!!!

Mystery Mouth

 It was Saturday morning my wife and I were chatting in bed and she told
me that she was having a few friends over at lunch time to catch up
before they all went away for the holiday period.
I told my wife that would be great, as i had a load of office work to
do, so no distractions would be great.
Her friends were due to arrive at around 2ish, and at about 13:30 my
wife called me into the bedroom to ask me to help her with a necklace
she was battling to get on. She asked me how she looked and I had to
admit she was looking gorgeous.
As i clasped the necklace closed, she said, let me give you a quick
reward for helping me, she moved me to the bed and lay me down, she
started kissing me on my lips and slowly worked her way down to my cock
area. I was already rock hard in anticipation of the blow job that I was
about to receive.
She put her hands into my shorts and stroked my cock with her soft
hands, she then slowly moved her body back up to my chest and raised my
hand behind me and tied me to the bedpost with a tie. She had now tied
both my hands securely and then said to me, this might be the best day
of your life.
  She raised her summer dress and showed me that she wasn’t wearing any
panties. She straddled over me and slowly lowered her moist pussy onto
my cock. Within seconds she had my entire shaft buried deep inside her
and she gently rocked back and forth on my bulge.
She got off me and left me tied to the bed with a huge, wet erection,
she then tied a scarf around my head and blindfolded me. She left the
room and went downstairs to get ready for her friends arrival.
About 20 minutes passed, and then i heard talking downstairs, her
friends were arriving, I heard them all chatting and laughing and clinks
of wine glasses going on. They were all having a good time and then
suddenly i heard footsteps coming up the stairs.. I listened to hear if
i could make out where they were going and suddenly realised that they
were coming directly towards our bedroom. The next thing i knew the
footsteps were getting closer and closer to the bed and knew someone was
in the room, but who.
Suddenly, there was a warm mouth wrapped around my cock, and as soon as
those lips wrapped around my shaft i got instantly hard. The moist lips
moved up and down slowly, and then a warm hand grabbed the base of my
shaft and moved in with the head bobbing up and down. The sucking
technique was different to my wife but then i thought to myself, maybe
my wife is pretending to be somebody else to arouse me. The sucking
continued and soon my cock was throbbing, wanting to explode. I could
hear the talking and the laughter downstairs and wondered who had
ventured away from the group and was sucking my cock. I could take it no
more, and with a load moan i came into this warm mouth around my cock..
The warm mouth swallowed every drop i had and remained around my cock
until i was completely dry... With the mouth still around my cock, i
suddenly heard my wife whisper in my ear, you just came in Katies
Katie kissed the head of my cock and i heard my wife and her friend
leave the room together......

A night to remember - Final Part


Issebel didn’t give Simon the same treatment each of us before had had, his erotic pleasures with her were a little different. She went through the process of giving him a few mouth fulls of wine from her mouth, and she sat on the bed next to Simon and spoke to him while gently stroking his balls and cock. Her finger nails gently digging into his soft flesh around his shaft. Issebel asked Simon if he was horny to which he eagerly nodded, she told him that she was going to wank him off and as he was cuming she was going to mount his cock and get his cum deep inside her

The sound of this must have been exciting to Simon, because his cock was throbbing and standing to attention waiting for Issebels warm hands to wrap around his shaft and start working her magic. She rubbed his cock up and down, and the pace quickened and soon Simon was thrusting his hips towards her hands, trying to get more from her.... Issebel could see that Simon was not going to last long, so she stopped wanking his thick cock and left the room... Simons huge cock started getting limp after about 4 minutes of her being gone...

Issebel returned to the room, and this time crawled over Simon, and positioned herself over his cock, her pussy was centimetres from his erect cock but she didn’t let Simon enter her, instead Issebel started fingering her squelching hole and i soon saw my entire load of cum dribble out of her pussy and onto Simons cock, it ran down his shaft and onto his balls... Issebel leaned forward to simons ear and told him, Vince has just lubed your cock for me..... With that Issebel took hold of Simons cock and wanked him to the point of no return, as Simons face changed and issebel could see he was about to explode, she lowered her weight onto his throbbing member and in one swift downward motion simons cock vanished into her.

Issebel stayed motionless for a few minutes as Simon emptied his huge load into her hot pussy... she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips and said to him, that felt so good, nice big load... Simon smiled and said that he loved cuming in her pussy and that the way she milked him felt amazing... Issebel lifted her weight off of Simons cock, and elegantly moved her body up towards his face and plonked her squelching pussy directly onto Simons face... Clean me out you bad boy, and make me cum she said... Simons tongue went to work and I could see his cum dribbling out of her into his mouth.. Within a few minutes Issebel could hold back no more and with a huge moan and passionate cry she released her juices all over Simons face... He lapped up every last drop before Issebel climbed off his face...

She uncuffed Simon, he left the room and the video ended....

Issebel turned to me and said that she really enjoyed having all these guys over during the course of the night,,, but was thinking of maybe having them all back again, but all at the same time.. she asked if i would be keen to join... I nodded eagerly and the bulge began to grow in my pants again...

A night to remember - Part Ten


As issebel got closer to me, she reached for my belt and undid it, she then made me lift my bum and slid my jeans and underpants right off. Issebel took my rock hard cock and slowly licked the shaft up and down, i was in heaven.

She circled the tip of my cock with her tongue and then slowly lowered her head and engulfed my entire cock into her mouth. As i sat there watching the TV, i saw myself walk into the room, then saw Issebel slyly handcuff me to the bed, and then have her way with me.

On the TV Issebel sat on my face and i watched as Johns cum oozed out of her pussy and into my mouth , and i had just watched John shoot that hot load into Issbels wet hole. I watched as Issebel went through her performance and watched her sit next to me on the bed before asking me who the next victim should be. I chose simon, and as i sat on the sofa now with my cock in Issebels mouth i knew what fun Simon was in for.

Issebel mounted my cock on the TV set, and on the sofa she had my cock deep in her mouth, as i watched her fuck me on the TV, she was mouth fucking me and i could feel I was close to cumming. Issebel worked her mouth around my cock, and heard her moan as my cock grew even bigger in her mouth as i watched myself cumming in her pussy on the TV.

The view and the sensation was too much, and within seconds of watching her milk my cock ready for Simon, I came in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop i had and licked my balls clean of any cum that had escaped. Then had a sip of wine and said, are you enjoying this movie so far...

I nodded and she said good, i enjoyed making it for you, at that point Simon walked into the bedroom, and i watched as Issebel handcuffed him to the bed

A night to remember - Part Nine


The video jumped a bit and the next thing i saw another guy being led into the bedroom, issebel was again dressed in her sexy nightie and within seconds had her next captive securely handcuffed to the bed. The scene that played out was identical to what happened to me. Issebel sat on Johns face, and made sure that he licked out every last drop of Brians cum, she fed him some wine and then vanished out of the picture, she returned a few later and sat on the bed next to john, she asked him, Vince or Tom.. He replied vince, and as soon as I heard my name, my cock throbbed in my pants. I was about to watch Issebel fuck John, and then keep his cum in her pussy until i arrived next.

John had a huge cock, it was thick and long, and when Issebel got onto the bed to straddle him i could see she was dripping wet already. She slid down his thick shaft which filled her pussy tightly, and with each slid down i could see her wetness being pushed out of her and running down Johns cock. Issebel was riding his cock with such passion, John was moaning and looked like he was about to cum, but Issebel stopped and climbed off his cock, his huge member was throbbing and aching to be inside her. She sat on the bed next to him for a minute and told him that she wanted a huge load to feed to her next victim... ME

Issebel leaned over and licked Johns cock, she teased it with her tongue till it was throbbing again, i heard her ask if he was ready to cum and he just nodded. She mounted him again, and with one swift movement Johns entire cock vanished into her gaping hole. She straddled him without moving up or down, but i knew her pussy muscles were at work, milking him of every last drop he had.

John let out a huge moan, his toes curled and i heard him moaning... Immm Cumming.... by the look on his face i could tell that he had just released a huge load, and thinking back to last night, i got a huge mouthful of that cum...!!.

Issebel climbed off the bed, slid into her panties and told John needed to go, as Vince was arriving soon... I saw her unlock his cuffs and let him get dressed before he vanished out of the room..

I was on route...

I looked over at Issebel and could see that she had slipped her finger into her pants and was slowly rubbing her clit, she had already created a wet patch on her pants and said to me... The best is yet to come.. Are you horny....?

I replied yes, and she moved closer to me...!!

A night to remember - Part Eight


At 14:30 i got ready to leave my house and go to Issebel to see what she wanted to show me, according to her she had LOTS of fun the night before and i had been trying all day to think what she could have done..

I rang the doorbell and Issebel was dressed in a casual swimsuit with a summer dress hanging loosely over it. She looked radiant and her expression on her face told me that she was excited about something.

She gave me a hug and then a long passionate kiss on the lips and said that she had missed me the last eight months and was really happy i went there last night. She led me into the house and towards the kitchen, as we passed the TV i noticed there was an image on the screen of a person handcuffed to a bed and the video was on pause. She asked me if i wanted something to drink, Red wine i answered and she reached into the cupboard and got out two glasses.

Issebel handed me a glass of wine and then said, lets go and watch a movie, we went back to the TV and sat on the couch opposite and Issebel hit the pause button to let the video play.. what i saw next nearly made drop my glass.

Unbeknown to us, Issebel had setup a camera on a tripod in her bedroom, with the lens pointed directly into the middle of the bed where her “victims” had been placed the night before. I watched as issebel teased and played with this person on the bed and i could tell that he was loving every moment of it... Before long, Issebel left the room and returned with her mobile phone. She sat on the bed next to this naked man with a huge hard on and i heard her say, John or Phil. He replied ..John... she then pushed a few buttons on her phone and within seconds her phone beeped and she said to this naked man on the bed, I need your hot load deep inside me, John is on the way...

Issebel straddled this hard cock, and as she thrust backward and forward to saw her lean down and whisper in his ear... within seconds this captured man was groaning and moaning and shooting his hot load deep into her waiting pussy....

Issebel climbed off this man and reached down for her panties and slipped them on, she then told this man to leave as John was on route and she needed to get ready for him...

Issebel looked at me slyly and said, That was brian by the way.. I had a sip of wine and watched on....!

A night to remember - Part Seven


I knew that Jen could taste issebels juices on my cock, and i said to her, have you been a good girl while i have been gone..? She said yes, completely good, so i said to her, if i had to taste your pussy right now would it taste like cock..? Jen looked up at me sheepishly and she must have realised that i knew what she had done, in fact i said, im sure if i taste your pussy right now it would taste just like Al...!!

Jen moved away from my cock and said I have to confess, i have been a bad girl..I was in bed, and started getting horny thinking about you coming home and fucking me, I started rubbing my clit and within a few minutes I had a fantastic orgasm, i got on to all fours and was imagining you pounding me from behind while i rub my clit again, and came a second time, i was still on my knees, when suddenly i felt a huge hard cock slide into my pussy, I at first thought it was you, but when i lifted my head from the pillow and turned around i saw Al fucking me hard.

His cock was amazing, and in the heat of the moment i couldn’t stop him, i needed to be filled with hot cum, and i could tell that Al was ready to explode in my hot cunt...

I know i told Jen, and just watching him fuck you the way he did got me so hard and horny...

I turned Jen around and slid my throbbing cock deep inside her, i could see and feel Als cum oozing around my shaft and it didn’t take long to orgasm deep inside Jens tight pussy.

The night carried on for a few more sessions and somewhere in the early hours of the morning we fell *****

When i woke up in the morning Jen had already left, I rolled back the duvet covers and could tell that the bed had seen a great night, there were cum marks all over the place, my cum, Al’s cum and Jens juices. Time to get up and see what this glorious Sunday was going to offer. Before getting out of bed, i got my phone and sent Issebel a message, I typed... Nice to see you again last night, thank you for a fantastic evening...x

A few seconds later I got a text back, Lovely to see you again, had LOTS of fun. Do you want to come around later and see how much fun I had..?

I arranged to meet Issebel at 15:00 on Sunday as i had some running around to do this morning... See you later she said...!!

A night to remember - Part six


The short drive back to my house seemed so long, I had a million thoughts running through my mind, I had this vision of Simon arriving and what was about to happen to him, I wished i could have stayed and watched Issebel do to Simon what she did to me, i was getting hard again just thinking about it.

When I arrived back at my house, i pulled into the drive way and then remembered that Jennifer was still waiting for me, I panicked a bit, knowing that Issebel had squirted on my cock not more than 15 minutes ago and i didn’t have a chance to clean up, Jennifer would know something had happened for sure..

I walked past Als house and noticed that the party was still in full swing, I wondered if Jennifer had gotten bored waiting for me and decided to go back to the party. I opened my front door and went inside, as soon as i walked in, I heard a strange but familiar sound coming from my bedroom, It sounded like Jennifer was moaning, and as I listened closer I could tell that she was about to cum, she had a very distinct sound she made when she was on the brink of release, but I knew that she was not a one orgasm kind of girl, once she started she could go on and on...

I tiptoed to the bedroom in the hope of watching Jennifer playing with herself, and as i popped my head into the door way I was astonished to see Al holding onto Jens hips and thrusting into her with complete power. His cock was thick and long, and with each stroke he was pulling his entire length out of Jennifer and slamming it into her wet pussy. I could see by the look on Jens face that she was already a few orgasms in, and at the pace Al was going it seemed that he was ready to shoot his load. I kept silent and didn’t say a word, i just watched from the comfort of the doorway.

Al grabbed Jens hips, and with a huge groan and moan I saw his expression change as he came deep inside her squelching hole. He held onto her as he quivered then finally he pulled his semi limp cock from her pussy and I watched as a trail of cum followed and landed on my sheets.

Al said to Jen that he needed to get back to the party and climbed off the bed, I snuck away from the doorway and went back to the kitchen to act as if i had seen nothing. After a minute or two, i pretended to open the front door, and called out loudly.. Hey Jen im back, are you still here....? At this point Al appeared from the passage and said that he was looking for some milk and came to ask Jen if we had any, He said that he had just got here and saw that I was not in and he thinks Jen is fast *****, and was just leaving... I gave Al some milk and he went across the road to his house.

I went back into the bedroom, and Jen seemed to be fast *****, she had not seen me watching her being fucked 3 minutes before. I went and sat on the bed next to her and put my hand on her head and stroked her hair, her eyes opened and she said, oh good, your back, i must have dosed off... I said that i had just gotten back and was horny... I told Jen that i wanted her to suck my cock, she eagerly got onto all four, and undid my jeans and my belt, as my pants dropped to the floor she pulled my rock hard cock from my underpants and started licking my shaft, she licked it all over and then slowly slipped my tip into her mouth before taking my whole shaft into her mouth... after a few moments, she stopped, took my cock out of her mouth and said to me.... you have been a naughty boy tonight, this cock tastes like pussy...........

A night to remember - Part five


A few minutes later Issebel returned to the bedroom and she had her mobile phone in her hand, she sat on the bed next to me and said to me.. Tom or Simon...? I replied Simon...

She clicked a few buttons on her phone and within seconds i could hear a mans voice on the phone, she was short and to the point in the conversation, she said..Hi Simon, Im horny, do you want to come to my house and fuck me, no chit chat just a good hard fuck...? Simon must have said yes, because Issebel said great, in 45 minutes...? and she hung up...

She put her mobile down next to the bed and said to me, we better make this quick, I need your cum inside me in the next 30 minutes, and you need to leave.. My next fuck is on the way..

I now realised that Issebel was going to do exactly the same thing to simon as she had just done to me... I was rock hard again at the thought and i could tell Issebel was ready for some action.

She moved onto the bed and straddled my rock hard cock, she put her hand around my shaft and started rubbing my head against her soaking wet pussy, she moved slowly at first, but soon quickened the pace. Her pussy was soaking wet, and before long she squirted all down my length. Her hand and my cock were dripping in her juice, and with one long slide she lowered her body weight onto me and engulfed my entire cock. She sat on my shaft and i could feel her pussy clenching around me, she was going to milk me of every drop i had. She slowly rose up right the way to the top of my shaft and then slowly went down again, she did this a few more times and then leaned down and whispered in my ear... You are going to cum deep inside me, then when Simon gets here he is going to drink every last drop, just like you did.

The thought of what was about to happen to Simon made my cock bulge even bigger, and with Issebels pussy clenching around my shaft i had no option but to shoot my thick creamy load deep inside her squelching pussy. I moaned loudly as i came, deep , deep inside her pussy.

Issebel straddled me for a few minutes, then slowly lifted her weight off me, reached to the floor and got her panties. She slid her lacy panties over her pussy and said I want to make sure i don’t leak any of your cum before simon gets here.

With that, she reached onto the bedside table and took hold of a small little key, she leaned over me, and with her tits dangling by my face she unlocked the one handcuff, then she moved and unlocked the second one. She kissed me on the lips and said, you need to leave, I have to get ready

And without saying a single word besides.... Simon, I got dressed and left Issebels house

A night to remember - Part Four


I could taste the usual taste of Issebel, however, there was another taste and texture inside her which i had not tasted before, it was slightly salty and thicker and gooier than her usual wetness. Issebel was now grinding her pussy into my face and with each thrust she was clenching her pussy mussels, convincing whatever was inside her out.. then i got a mouthful of a thick hot liquid, it was thick and creamy and i was unable to do anything other than swallow every last drop as it dripped into my mouth from her wet hole.. Her grinding slowed down, and she slowly lifted her pussy from my mouth and leaned down and whispered in my ear.... That was John..... I instantly realised that Issebel had been fucked earlier and she had just made me lick John’s cum out of her, I was rock hard and needed to shoot my load. Issebel lifted her pussy a few centimetres from my face and started rubbing her clit frantically... within a few minutes Issebel was cumming, she moaned out load as she released her juices over me, soaking my face and pillow, she squirted and squirted till we were soaked.

She moved her body slowly down the length of mine, and eventually her mouth stopped right by my rock hard cock, she slowly licked my shaft, from my balls right the way to the tip, then did the same in reverse, her warm tongue and the sensation of her moistness on my cock was driving me crazy, she knew i needed to cum, and with one swift motion took my entire shaft into her mouth, the tip of my cock was so deep in i could feel the back of her throat as she sucked on my cock. I couldn’t hold on any longer and with a load moan i came into her waiting mouth , she groaned with pleasure as i erupted spurt after spurt, she didn’t move her mouth from my cock until every last drop was milked from my balls.

When i had finally finished cuming , Issebel crawled over my body and kissed me passionately on my lips, causing my thick load of fresh cum to fill my mouth, she emptied my load into my mouth, took a sip of wine and kissed me again, filling my mouth with wine, i had to swallow, this wine cum cocktail...

Issebel climbed off the bed and vanished down the passage...

A night to remember - Part Three


Issebel leaned onto the bed, and with a quick and easy motion, had managed to undo my belt, and jeans and slid them off we in one perfect motion, she then reached for my underpants and after lifting the front of the cotton over my raging hard cock, she slid those off too, now she straddled over me and gently ran her fingers over my tight t-shirt and leaned down to kiss me, her boobs were dangling right in front of me, and I wanted to grab them and squeeze them right now.. But i was stopped, and before i could get my hands on her dangling tits, she lifted my arms and slid my t-shirt off, she moved her weight onto my chest, and from this position I could see her pussy right in front of me.. i begged her to please sit on my face and let me taste that oh so delicious pussy that i knew so well. Her flavour was sweet and tasty, her pussy always had a clean and fresh odour to it, and i couldn’t wait to have her juices all over my face and mouth again.

She took hold of one arm, and before I knew what had happened, my arm was securely locked to her head board, she then reached for my other arm and did the same.. I was now at her mercy and I was about to burst, My cock was throbbing. Issebel now climbed off me, and off the bed and vanished out of the room. All i could do was lie there and wait. She returned a minute later with a glass of red wine, she took a big gulp, then leaned down and put her lips to mine and emptied her mouth into mine, i swallowed the wine and she did the same again.

She put the glass down next to the bed, and smiled at me slyly, she slid a finger into her wet pussy and gently ran the wetness around my lips, i wanted to taste her so badly , i needed her to climb onto my mouth so my tongue could do its magic on her. She slid another finger inside her, then two finger , then pulled them out and rubbed the juices all over my cock. I quivered with anticipation and at the feel of her warm fingers around my shaft... She took the glass of wine, took a big sip and swallowed it all... Issebel looked at me, and i knew she was ready for action.

She climbed on the bed, and with one swift movement was sitting on my face, her pussy was about 4 cm from my mouth and i could see her gaping lips right in front of me, i tried to get my tongue to reach her, but she was just out of reach, after about 40 seconds of toying with me, she plonked her pussy smack bang onto my mouth and started grinding backwards and forward, i was waiting for that moment when i tasted that oh so sweet liquid, but instead i got a mouthful of something else....

A night to remember - Part two


I thought about it for a bit, then decided that if I played my cards right I could end up having both these amazing girls tonight... I told Jennifer I needed to respond to this message as it was from a work colleague. I stepped outside and went to a quiet corner, but made sure that I was in view so Jennifer could see me make a phone call, I put the phone to my ear and had a long conversation with nobody, I had to pretend that the person (nobody) was asking me questions and i was answering them with all certainty. I knew that some of the people close to me could hear me having a conversation, and before long, i told the phantom caller that I would need to come to the office to get this resolved, as it was very important for a meeting on Monday morning.

I hung up the phone and went to Jennifer and told her that I had to go into the office, but that I would not be too long.. Probably about 2 hrs... (that would be long enough to get to Issebels house and give her a good fucking)... Jennifer understood, but asked if she could go to my house and wait for me, because she was feeling horny and wanted to suck my cock.... I gave her the keys, and said ill be back before you know it. Before i left Als house, i walked Jennifer over to my house and poured her a glass of wine, I told her to make herself comfortable.. And off I went..... Rock hard cock and all....

A 5 minute drive later, I was standing outside Issebels house, i rang the doorbell, and within, 30 seconds the door opened. Issebel was standing there in a sexy lace nightie, her nipples were hard, her hair was hanging over her shoulders and her freshly glossed lips looked sooo inviting.As she opened the door she put a finger onto my lips, letting me know not to say a word. She reached out and took hold of my hand and led me inside as she closed the door behind her. She led me down the passage way to her bedroom, where she guided me onto her king size bed.... As I lay there, bulging at the seams, she lifted her arms and slipped out of her little nightie. She was now standing in front of me, Naked and by the look of it, from my position, she had a trail of wetness slowly trickling down her inner thigh... I knew she was wet, and I needed to get my tongue and mouth onto that hot honey pot to taste the sweetness inside her........

A night to remember - Part one


I had arrived at Alan’s house just after 1pm, we had decided earlier in the day that we would have a braai (BBQ) and invite some mutual friends around to enjoy this glorious sunny day around the pool.

We lit the braai and opened a few beers, people were starting to arrive and the party got on the way. Beers were flowing , music was playing and people were all having a fantastic time around the braai.

At about 6pm, Jennifer called me on my mobile and asked what we were all doing, I told her we were at Alans house and if she wanted to join us she was more than welcome.

A quick intro into who Jenifer is, Jen lives in the same complex as Alan and I , we had met about 6 months prior at the pool and became Fuck Buddies. We both used each other as and when we needed a release. Jen was fantastic at sucking dick, I would often call her in the late afternoon and ask her to come to my place and suck my cock. I would tell her that my front door was unlocked, I was lying on my bed and my cock is rock hard. Jen would come over, let herself in and make her way to my bedroom, without saying a word, she would get to work on my cock, swallow every last drop and leave... without saying a word....

Anyway, back at Al’s party things were starting to get festive, the music was turned up, people were dancing and some were getting a little flirty on the dance floor. I was dancing with Jennifer when i heard my phone beep, at first I didn’t respond, but after the second beep I decided I better check who wanted me.... Well, to  my surprise, the message on the screen read as follows: I’m Horny, do you want to come to my house and fuck me, no chit chat, no small talk, just a good hard fuck...?

I had to re read the message to make sure that I had read it right.. Issebel, a girl I had last seen about 8 months before had just sent this message.... She was AMAZING in bed, she was about 8 years older than me and certainly knew her way around a cock..... I WANTED to go and fuck her.. so badly.... But I had Jennifer all over me and wanting to get flirty with me.....!!!!

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