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Old design format

 Hello everyone. For some of the older members who preferred the old design format, we will be allowing the members who are subscribed to choose which format they would like, the new or the old. At the moment if you are a subscribed member just send me a message or an email stating which design you would like, and after we confirm your member status the change will be made. This option once again is only for members subscribed. If anyone has any ideas of a new feature for the site, let us know by sending an email. Kind regards, Admin

NEW Feature: Virtual Gifts and IOUs

 We are pleased to announce a new feature on yuvutu: Virtual Gifts and IOUs. 

Are there members of the yuvutu community that you admire? Then grab their attention by sending them a virtual gift or IOU. The compliment is bound to cheer them up and will make them take notice of you. 

Take it one step further by sending them an IOU (I owe you). It is similar to a virtual gift except that it is an official promise to the recipient that you will give them something tangible such as a massage or dinner. There is a good chance that the recipient will get in touch with you and take you up on the offer. 

Furthermore, when you send a person a gift or IOU, that person receives free yuvutu credits which they can redeem to buy subscription days or send a gift themselves. This makes your gift even more valuable to the recipient. 

To send another yuvutu user a gift or IOU, simply click on the “Buy Gift” button that you can see on any video page or photo page above the video or photo. You can also find a “Buy Gift” button on any profile page. In order to send a gift you will need to obtain yuvutu credits, which can be obtained in the following ways: 

- They can be purchased $10 for 1000 credits (click on the credits icon at the top left of any page) 
- You get free credits if you buy a subscription (300 each month for monthly, 1500 for yearly subscription) 
- You get free credits if you have earned a free subscription (5 per day you have the subscription) 
- You get credits when you receive a virtual gift or IOU (50% of the credits cost of the gift) 

Gifts cost between 50 and 1000 yuvutu credits depending on the gift. 

To check on your list of gifts, click on the “Gifts” icon in the top left of the page.

Chatroom Adult Gifts Competition

yuvutu has launched a competition inviting users to design adult gifts for the chatroom. See more details here:

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