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My life as a foot lover - Part 2: My foot fetish origins

I knew from a relatively early age that feet held a unique attraction for me. I can't pinpoint it accurately, but I became aware that I was drawn to feet around the time I was at secondary ***** - between the age of 10 and 14. By the time I made it to the age of 15 it had progressed from finding them attractive to the link between them and sexual gratification being firmly established. At this time I probably wasn't aware of such a thing as a fetish, but I knew I lusted after pretty female feet and was interested in any woman wearing heels.

When I first started to masturbate, I used to imagine pretty girls stripping for me. In my mind, the last thing they would take off would be their shoes, and imagining them showing me their feet, waving them in my face and wiggling their toes would be the image to which I would often ejaculate.

My fetish has developed over time. When I first became aware of it, it was toes that turned me on – probably because as a youngster at ***** you hardly ever saw any. As I have got older, toes still turn me on, but I get just as excited – if not more - about soles and heels. I’ve also found that I enjoy shoe worship – but more of that later.

How strong is my fetish? There hasn’t been a scale invented yet, but I would imagine myself to be firmly at the upper end. There isn't a day that passes by where I am not at some point fantasising about some woman's feet. When I see a woman or meet them for the first time, depending on the social environment, I can almost guarantee that within 60 seconds I have already cast a glance to her feet to check out what shoes she is wearing. One must obviously do this discreetly!

There is a ***** of thought that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears. I believe the same is true of women. I like a classy, dominant woman and more often than not, those are the ones that will wear heels, show off a little and more than likely take care of their feet to make you lust after them.

The vast majority of pornography I have watched and images I’ve looked at either involve foot fetish acts (such as foot worship and foot jobs) or include women with their feet on show. I have found myself frustrated watching straight porn where there is nothing to get me excited, not even a flash of a high heel or bare foot. I’ve caught myself looking at images, focussing so much on a model’s feet that it is only afterwards that I realise that the main focal point of the image was her boobs!

I used to buy lads mags and tabloid newspapers that featured semi-naked women. Perhaps 80 percent of the photos I cut out and kept featured barefooted models or those wearing heels or sandals. I had my favourites. Jo Guest used to (ghost) write a column in The Daily Star and her picture was almost always barefoot at the top of the page. Adele Stephens and Karen White were others, and there was a girl named ‘Avril’ who would frequently appear in The Daily Sport wearing white heels that used to drive me crazy.

One more for now on lads mags. Although the majority of images I enjoyed were of models or celebrities, there was one advert which turned me on. It featured a blonde woman dressed all in red with killer open-toed red heels. ‘Miss Red’ I called her, and I wish I could remember what the advert was for.

Oddly enough for somebody with a foot fetish, I have always found the word ‘toes’ difficult to say. Not in a tongue-twisting way like psychological, it’s just a word that doesn’t sound right to me, and I’ve never liked saying it. It is almost as if when I say it, I’m imagining it coming out as ‘toes, which I really like sucking, by the way’.

My life as a foot lover - Part 1: A few thoughts on feet

Studies tell us that foot fetishism is one of the most common fetishes and as many as one in six men have a sexual attraction to women’s feet. Is it any wonder that most women you meet possess several pairs of shoes? Are the bright colours, the suggestive gaps where their toes peek out from and lengthy heels not designed to attract?

Foot fetish encapsulates several different elements. For some, it is not even a sexual thing, for others touching and smelling women’s feet is the most arousing thing they can do. I would put myself in that bracket, without a doubt. Some get excited by specifics, such as long toes, coloured nails, high arches or smooth soles. Some get as turned on by shoes and boots themselves.

Society has an interesting relationship with a foot fetish. You do not see too many references to it in films (Jackie Chan, From Dawn To Dusk and Roadtrippin’ being notable exceptions) and the reaction to somebody who does not share your passion is often one of disgust. Yet if you do not share a love of big tits, or pert bums, for example, I bet they do not disgust you. Consider that such social influencers as Elvis Presley, Thomas Hardy and Andy Warhol were all foot fetishists.

Nevertheless, when men discuss their sexual preferences, among the obvious example of bums, boobs and legs, it is quite rare for us to be open to having a foot fetish. Is it shame? Possibly, but it is more likely a fear of being ridiculed by our peers for being perceived as weird, disgusting or even perverse. Loving women’s feet is probably not very high up on the list of ‘macho’ things men do either.

My limited research suggests a love-hate relationship with feet. Either people love them and have a fetish, or they find the idea repulsive – particularly men. I see that women are indifferent, but there are exceptions, such as those who will not let anybody else even so much as touch their feet.

I do not think you can have a slight foot fetish in the same way that you can kind of like bums, boobs or legs. It is either there, or it isn’t. This is backed up by studies which suggest that foot fetish is developed due to the proximity of the brain areas that deal with the feet and the genitals and the idea that people who had a close association with their mothers’ feet as youngsters develop the fetish.

Who's watching? Who knows?

For obvious reasons, I don't like to show my face in my pics/videos and this got me wondering about something.

Given that I've had a few thousand video views, I reckon it's possible that somebody I know, or somebody I've worked with even, has seen my cock in action.

And what if they've enjoyed it and thought 'I'd like a piece of that' without realising who they're fantasising about? Isn't the internet great?

Here's another video for everybody to get excited about..


There is something about high heels that really gets me going.

Cumming on sexy feet

I hope everybody had a great weekend. I certainly did. I can't think of a better feeling than licking and sucking the feet of a hot woman while masturbating...and guess what I was doing on Saturday.

She lay back and enjoyed the ride - and she did enjoy it - as I gave her a foot massage with a difference. Capped off with a monster cumshot all over her pretty soles.

Recalling it is making me hard. I'll have some videos of me cumming to upload soon, so you can see my monster loads for yourself! An old one is below...

Enjoy the sun.

Back...after a long absence

Good morning. I have been away from Yuvutu for a while but the kind people who run the site have recovered my password and I'm back enjoying myself here.

I have a series of videos to upload including a compilation of my favourite cumshot videos - I like to cum, and I like cum on film - and I also write foot fetish erotica.

I am not sure if I'm allowed to post links to my work on Amazon but I'm thinking of publishing some extracts for everybody to read.

Have a great day.

Busy week, intense orgasms

Morning everyone,

It's been quite a week. I've been extremely busy and also had a tummy bug for a day or so which knocked me back.

I found out last week that I'm allergic to milk, cheese and yoghurt so I've started a dairy-free diet. It basically means lots of fresh meat, vegetables, rice etc.

Whether it's just a coincidence or related to the new diet, I've noticed my orgasms have been more intense this week, and I've been producing a very healthy amount of cum.

I love it when I cum loads, it makes me feel, well, fertile. I must admit when I watch porn and see guys barely able to shoot a load it does make me laugh. You've got to finish off the job in style!

I'd love to know what ladies prefer - lots of cum, or a nice clean, tidy finish?!

I've also just uploaded some new pictures, hopefully you'll be able to see them soon.

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