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  • myknickersforyou

  • Occupation:
  • Centres d'intérêts: Exhibiting
  • Sexe: Couple htrosexuel
  • Date de naisance: Janvier 1965
  • Groupe ethnique: Blanc
  • Statut matrimoniale: Couple fidle
  • Sexualit: Htro
  • Fumer: Non
  • Taille:
  • Silhouette: Normale


Will send out my used knickers . love being looked and lusted after . Great looking at all you naughty boys . Would love to meet , but only if very safe . And on my terms .

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 - woke up so horny .
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get a room for three

my husband, my man says he has a fantasy. The kind were there would be three of us in a room together. He would pick a lover for me, a man who wants no complications, just sex.                                                                                                                                                                                      Maybe it would be nice to book a room for two, the kind with a seperate side door were we could come and go without any questions. Then we could stroll somewhere nearby, maybe a pub with a beer garden where my lover would be waiting. We would chat about nothing in particular, yet all knowing why we were there. I am in control so after a short while I would slip my room keyring over my finger and swing it round as I get up to leave for my hotel room. Iam given a sporting chance for the chase that has just begun. A chase that I want to loose. As I reach the side door to my hotel my heart skips a beat as the door is so heavy slowing me down. At last I arrive in my room but can hear the footsteps behind me and know I am too late, they beat me to it as all three of us are in the room now and I am still fully dressed,  I am not in control. My lover rushes to me kissing me passionatly on the lips while unzipping my dress which just falls to the floor, followed by my bra. How do men do that? Everything is now fine as I am so well dressed for sex underneath. This fantasy is now all mine. I just would not be able to hold myself back at this stage so I would fall to my knees taking him into my mouth, feeling him grow even more and hearing him cry out with pleasure. I am back in control again as I toy with him, pushing my tongue into places he did not think I could. My man now closes in on me caressing my body, but my lover is too quick as he lays me down returning the pleasure. His tongue is so strong and vigorous against my unsuspecting clitoris. All I can do is to pull him further into me sighing with pleasure. My man thrusts his hard passion into my mouth, my nipples are reacting to the hard pleasure that my two lovers are giving them. Mmmm that sounds so nice. I hope I am still in control but I find myself being picked up and placed onto all fours. This is what I,ve wanted for so long that as soon as my lover enters me I can,t help but push bacwards into him as I claw the sheets beneath me with both hands. I want more I need to take charge and push hard into him. My man would now be teasing me anally with his fingers, I just want more, real hard. Then my lover enters me anally and it feels so good but II cannot take it, he is too big for me. I somehow find myself again on my back. I thought I was in control. My lover starts fucking me so hard that my back is now arched with pleasure as I cry out with pleasure. Just in time for him to pull out of me and release his passion all over my throbbing breasts. BUT it wont end there as I lay between my two lovers letting them caress me, I need to caress them too. My man is so hard now but it doesn,t take too long before my lover grows again. Iam now laying on my side as my man enters me from behind which gives me time to play with my lovers cock as he plays with my clitoris. This is good. the room is quite a mess just like me. I need to shower and to look respectable again. After all I wouldn,t do anything like THAT.!

                                                                                     WOULD I ?              

angelenatv said:
Angie simply desires her dreamy wet knickers xxx
northernenglandcouple said:
WE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS WE LOVE TO MEET...!We love to chat an play with to cam..we are often on chat We are looking for other
couples play between adults, without the fuss. Whether you are
experienced or novice curious to try games Dominance / Submission, all
are welcome!
girth55 said:
Love your photos and vids. Such a sexy lady! X
gazzer123 said:
I am sat in the bar waiting x
parejazaswngrpyt said:
sexy sexy perfect body
jennycd said:
lovely panties
swollenballs said:
very nice panties love your taste in lingerie
ukcouple2017 said:
Nice photos
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