Stranger in the night Feburary

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You had been ***** for a few hours when you are woken by a noise a cold tingle runs down your back as you feel a presence with in your room, You turn over its dark and you freeze with fear as your sleepy eyes focus on the silhouette of a man standing at the end of your bed you gasp with shock as he whips away your cover and clambers over your naked body, He kneels over your chest pinning your arms down with his legs covering your mouth with his hand as you let out a cry no please with his other hand he reaches in his pocket and palls something out and ties it tight round your mouth muffling your cries stay quiet you little bitch he whispers in your ear as he reaches down the side of your bed and palls the belt from your dressing gown griping your wrists tight he hold your hands together and ties them with the belt then secures them to your head board. he sits back onto your thigh's pinning you firmly to the bed you wriggle to try and get free but freeze as he slap your face he leans forward his face millimeters from yours and whispers stay still and keep fucking quiet you little slut or I will beat the shit out of you. as he sits back up he pulls of his top and throws it to the floor then unzips his trousers he stands up and slips his trousers off your eyes have got used to the dark by now and you can see him quite well he is quite a big guy toned body looking down to see his thick cock and large balls hanging between his legs as he sits back down on your knees pinning you to the bed again he runs his hand over your hips his thumbs running up your belly he cups your breast with his hand groping them firmly you gasp as he pinches your nipples hard between his fingers and thumbs rolling your breasts around in his hands.. he leans forward sucking one of your nipples deep into his mouth you feel his cock twitch and slowly grow pressed against your inner thighs he starts to grind his thick cock against you still rolling your breasts in his hands and sucking your nipples deep into his mouth. he move up and whispers turn over and stick your arse in the air you little slut he slides down your body grabs you by the hips and turns you over pulling your bum up so you are kneeling spreading your legs leaving your face buried in the pillow you feel his hands run down over your back cupping your arse cheeks with both hands he spreads them apart wide you feel his warm breath between your legs and then the sensation of his hot tongue running up the inside of your leg you twitch as he reaches closer to your pussy although filled with fear the feeling of his hot tongue as it reaches your spread pussy gives you some pleasure his tongue flick around over your clit then he sucks it into his mouth his tongue rolling around teasing your clit you start to feel a tingling pleasure his hot tongue probing your tight little pussy hole and flicking around your spread pussy lips his rhythm increases his tongue rolling around over your clit then from side to side then sucking it into his mouth his tongue still rolling your clit around in his mouth you start to tremble shocked as you are you fell waves of pleasure start to build in your tummy growing then you jerk and shudder as you burst into orgasm you let out a muffled moan. still twitching and shocked that this guy has just made you cum you feel him grip you by the hips and you feel his thick cock run up the inside of your leg till it reaches your pussy he probes about till the tip of his cock finds your tight little hole he grinds himself around and you let out a whimper as your pussy stretches to accommodate him he pushing his large cock into you with every thrust he cock sinks deeper and deeper into you.. As he pumps his thick cock in and out of your stretch pussy you feel his warm spit run down over your tight little arse hole and his thumb rolling around pushing into you lubricated with his spit his thumb slips into you your tight hole clamps round his thumb as he rolls it around inside you his cock pounding in and out of you with his other hand he reaches between your leg and starts to rub your clit with two fingers round and round up and down his cock sinking deep into you faster and faster his thumb rolling around in your arse you start to tingle as you fell wave of pleasure run over your body building up till you gush with cum as the first wave of orgasm rolls over your body his fingers still rolling around over your clit you start to shake as yet another orgasm builds inside you his cock pumping faster and faster he start to moan as you cum pleasure running thro your body as you feel his thick cock sink deep inside you and jerk as he shoots his hot cum into your pussy he slumps on top of you his cock twitching inside you emptying the last of his cum into you he lays there for a minute then pulls himself from you let out a moan as his thick cock leaves your pussy he puts his cloths on in a hurry and leans over you saying stay there don't get up as he loosens your hands and then slips away you lay there for a minute listening you hear the door slam with that you free your self grabbing your dressing gown throwing it on you get up from your bed and sneak down stairs you feel his hot cum trickle from your pussy and down your legs as you reach the front room you peek out the curtain but you see no one you sit on the sofa still shock but feeling fully satisfied from the fucking you just got from this stranger................
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Post par: wwlesegheww dans 2018-02-21 16:14:00
Post par: northernenglandcouple dans 2018-02-21 22:38:25
I never thought I would enjoy sucking cock, but after I started doing it I became hooked. I do it for my guy as much as I can. There is something about it that is so psychologically rewarding... Like I know how much he loves it, so giving him head is very satisfying. And when he comes, it's a sign I've done well :) it's very pleasing. Sometimes the occasional gagging happens, which isn't so great, but the overall experience is lovely.
Post par: northernenglandcouple dans 2018-02-22 04:09:01
Post par: yorkman69 dans 2018-02-22 06:18:11
Lovely, wow would love for my cock to be sucked by you wow
Post par: northernenglandcouple dans 2018-02-22 14:14:23
wow magnificent video we loved every moment of it .. you have a amazing body,,,great profile an we would love to meet..
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wonderfully sexy video, your so lucky to enjoy delicious anal with her so a stunner, more vids please thanks for sharing
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super chaud j adorerais me faire prendre comme toi
Post par: ukcouple2017 dans 2018-02-26 07:48:52
Sexy video
Post par: northernenglandcouple dans 2018-02-26 14:16:56
Thank you all for your many very friendly and courteous messages, Carol is always excited to read your comments and did everything possible to meet you. A big thank you to YUVUTU.
Post par: northernenglandcouple dans 2018-03-02 13:29:45
We love watching your vids! They are among the horniest on here, and always make us Horny... Love Carol an George...we are often on YUVUTU chat an love to play with you online...have a look at our videos
Post par: 99money dans 2018-03-17 21:08:12
Very nicely done!!!!
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