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02 min 04 sec
Pat being submissive and sucking her new master
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Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-29 20:37:32
Very Nice She can come and suck on my cock any time she wants
Post par: indigohobgoblin dans 2006-11-29 20:41:44
very very nice she sucks cock like a pro i wouldnt mind cumming on her face !
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-29 20:50:47
Good one but look's like a call girl!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-29 21:54:36
ummmm, que chupada, tan ricaaa...
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-29 22:10:03
Love the way she cups the twins. Would love to walk by those open curtains.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-29 22:28:55
more please. shes fuckin hot
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 00:12:27
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 01:41:15
come to me and fuck me pls ive been longing for months and i want that cock inside me please
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 02:12:49
what is that? She doesn't have a clue what she's doing...lots of uncontrolled mouth and hand random movements...
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 09:32:10
Jesus can you two finally blow the load? What the F? Great dick and nice body we know but the bordem of your fucking is killing us...all. Please end it.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 12:18:21
my favorite...excellent!!!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 14:10:33
i thank god every day that my parents had me circumcised at birth, that is disgusting
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 14:24:16
completely uninspired cock sucking.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 15:31:02
Deflated? Collapsed? Wrung out? Sucked dry?
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 16:06:35
where's the wad shot?????
Post par: gadi dans 2006-11-30 16:13:11
Ich auch, ich auch, Ich auch
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 20:35:49
Enough! lets see a nice cum shot over that face and perfect pair of tits!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 22:48:27
frumoooooooooooooos este bineeeeeeeeee
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-11-30 23:45:45
la neta ni cogen
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-01 00:54:09
Le falta un par de minutos ms para ver como el master le derrama la leche en la cara
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-01 06:01:40
You needed some old couple walking by with their dog. Now that would have made it a good video. Maybe two kids peeking in the window giggling. Is it over yet?
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-02 01:00:16
From the look on his face he was struggling to hold it back. She is good.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-02 05:40:31
Now ladies that's how you should suck some cock. You have to act like you love it and it tastes good. It would have been nice to see some sucking of the balls and a little tossing of the salad!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-03 10:46:56
I'd like to really service that beautiful crotch. I'd get his lovecream!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-04 19:49:03
totally boring, the whole set, have you ever fucked your wife?
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-05 10:35:27
Thanks to Bill for sharing his handsome body and fabulous cock with all of us. Every vid of him makes my pussy ooze. 5 starsf!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-06 10:59:18
A gorgeous cock like that deserves to be serviced by a beautiful gal! Love it!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-08 09:43:26
Pat is doing O.k. but I've got to say I'm a male cocksucker/worshipper and I could do better. I know all the buttons to push. Maybe Pat's husband should take a turn!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-12 05:56:46
We appreciate Doug's beautiful tool...but does he take viagra....his face looks a bit flushed...or does he naturally have high coloring?
Post par: Anonyme dans 2006-12-29 06:47:40
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-07 09:59:26
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-15 17:10:18
is this commmercial porn
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-25 05:22:24
very nice !!!!!!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-02-17 09:10:06
Dude, am i the only one that notices the little kiddy comforter and the flower drapes that granny made... this vd is way too boring so i got distracted by the scenary ... if that bj was any good he would have definitely been trying to peak a glance at her mouth instead of looking around and his hands wouldnt be on his hips, they would be on her head ... looks like daddy's little girl aint so innocent cutting class.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-02-27 09:02:37
of ulan
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-04-11 05:23:49
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-25 00:59:47
very nice ,but i would love to see her take it in the arse
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-12-02 20:15:12
awesome cutie loves cock and balls.
Post par: malloves69 dans 2008-02-11 05:10:19
did a poor job training her since you didnt even cum sounds like another man takes over the training to teach her how to swallow and make a man cum doing a bbj
Post par: kactusjack dans 2009-01-03 08:38:09
very nice all
Post par: navy1 dans 2010-11-24 05:06:38
nothing better than a hot babe with a nice big cock
Post par: joelance dans 2013-11-06 08:42:52
you can tell she enjoys it
Post par: 99money dans 2014-12-03 19:25:18
Superb video!!!!
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