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Trips Girlfriend

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06 min 40 sec
Another Sunday morning in paradise.
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Post par: bignhard4u dans 2007-06-03 11:11:38
Dude, your girlfriend is awesome! If I had a hot chick like her stroking my cock I'd never last as long as you did.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-03 14:27:53
wtf is up with those cycling shorts fella? u look like a maths teacher
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-03 20:08:47
Post par: geegee dans 2007-06-03 22:37:30
she looks bored out her skull lol
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-04 03:05:04
When will men realise that it is sexier if THEY TAKE THEIR SOCKS OFF???!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-04 06:14:27
Great vid and love your moaning sound!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-04 10:55:08
She doesn't enjoy sucking dick? She's fine as hell. horny black man baldheadman2004@yahoo.com
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-04 17:57:26
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-05 12:25:17
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-09 17:39:18
Dude, stop payin this bitch until she starts slurpin dick......what a fuckin waste.....you should've at least blown yer load on her face............
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-10 08:18:00
didn't really look too hot, seemed like you both were playing for the camera, showing off.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-06-22 13:40:30
enjoyed this clip. She's beautiful and talented. Teach her how to take care of your ass while stroking the cock.
Post par: jaybo8 dans 2007-06-29 11:17:16
Great lookin girl. Fuck her please and post it !
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-07-02 13:07:46
Is that Lance Armstrong? Or is she she making her arm strong on his lance??
Post par: hornybuddog dans 2007-07-17 03:10:05
nice hand job she is hot !!!!!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-07-23 02:33:30
Hot girl, but is she a cumophobic?
Post par: happy140 dans 2007-11-15 21:21:18
any man will cum sooner or later looking at such a pretty women but you need to get that "I'd rather be folding laundry" look off your face--either you want to Please him or you don't--as they say while they were having sex "Beige, I think I'll paint the ceiling Beige" If your that bored use a vibrator, If he looked that bored eating pussy you would be PISSED!!
Post par: 99money dans 2017-12-06 03:56:33
Great handjob and fabulous tits!!!!
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