I let mine bodies spoil -1min21

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01 min 22 sec
it stimulates my pussy it is desireful
Masturb. fminine
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Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-04 18:24:22
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-04 19:16:46
to much hollywood lets see some action.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-04 19:35:35
dude, damn you're getting laid and I congratulate u for that but that is one FUGLY pussy. How old is that 65? Too much skin even in her asshole. I think I'll call her Droopy.....
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-04 20:45:09
That is one chunck of meat. I will bet her OBGYN just gets sick after smelling that.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-04 22:46:28
What a great looking pussy.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-05 04:45:40
no wonder they call it a "clam"... you need to dip that pussy in melted butter cuz it MUST be a clam
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-05 06:47:24
looks more like a wound than a womb!
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-05 09:27:30
She has bigger testicles than most men! That isn't a pussy, that's a GASH! Does it make a noise when she walks?
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-06 06:16:20
what the fuck is that..........her pussy is nasty.....how can he even get close to it......Buah!!! gross.
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-01-11 16:51:07
that looks nasty......................im going to the bathroom and throw up........... she needs some Preparation H.........................
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-03-04 16:54:38
should be on a gore web site. Thats what a war wound looks like
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-03-15 23:47:28
he pussy looks like chicken skin
Post par: Anonyme dans 2007-08-06 09:35:49
What a beautiful woman, and a very wonderful pussy... absolutely gorgeous, you have kept me hard for hours... great videos that I would love to see more of! xxx
Post par: sexaddict69 dans 2008-01-27 05:47:26
Soft and juicy pussy I would like to eat you darling
Post par: 99money dans 2013-07-06 14:16:26
Sweet looking pussy!!
Post par: dajnehuaca dans 2015-02-01 00:39:11
I am 42 yrs old guy, and I think it's great and an example of how it should be done. If more men could learn from this, the world would be a better and very different place.
Post par: zero3 dans 2015-09-29 14:46:44
s,e fotze
Post par: steelman941 dans 2015-11-03 06:35:47
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Post par: lovetolick51 dans 2016-01-06 00:44:55
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