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31 Days of Orgasms (continued...)

My apologies for going MIA last week... there was just too much of real life going on to be able to update my blog. But to report the news that some of you may be waiting to hear: I did it! 31 consecutive days of orgasms, capping out at 127 of them total for the month of October. Can I just say... I'm damned tired! I didn't go all out during the last week but did have a couple of productive days. And come Halloween, the 31st, I finished things off with a bang. (Insert mischevious grin here.)

In an earlier post, I alluded to the fact that having an orgasm every day wasn't all it was cracked up to be and that still holds to be true. There were a number of days that had I not made this commitment, I wouldn't have even thought about having an orgasm, much less follow through with one. We all know what those days are like when we're just not "feeling it", right? I admit, however, even on the days when I just wasn't feeling it, I never regretted going through with it anyway. Not once did I find myself afterwards saying, "gosh, I sure wish I hadn't had an orgasm today". Still, I think it's probably not the healthiest way of expressing my sexuality when I was essentially convinced to do it. But I do wholeheartedly believe it was a factor in keeping my stress level low and helping me to approach my daily life in a more positive, optimistic manner, so for that I'll definitely consider the challenge a raving success.

Thanks to all those who followed along and commented! It was a fun experiment, but I'm glad it's over. I warned Mr. ALM it's likely I'll regress into a week or two of asexual behavior, but he knows me well enough to feel confident I'll be back with a vengeance very soon. When he suggested I have a couple of months to recover before starting my "365 Days of Orgasms Challenge" on January 1st, I busted up laughing.  I'll leave that up to someone else to try. I rather enjoy sex and want to keep it that way.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


31 Days of Orgasms (continued...)

Please first read about the challenge here-> http://www.yuvutu.com/modules.php?name=YuBlog&action=view&entry_id=4747

October 26th:

I'm on the homestretch now of the challenge, down to the very last week. And although I haven't blogged in several days, I'm still very much in the game. I've found blogging about the orgasms much more laborious than actually getting them. I guess that's because blogging requires a few extra brain cells and cumming... well... not so much.

My total count is steadily climbing, thanks mostly to the high numbers from just the last couple of days. I had another 10-orgasm day on Friday, which ended in me nonchalantly getting off a couple times while lying on the couch watching a movie. Popcorn in one hand, pussy in the other.

I hit orgasm #100 on webcam with Mr. ALM and a few others in the chatroom watching. It was short and sweet but it was fun to mark the milestone with a little bit of company.

Last night, on the way home from getting a few groceries, I was just craving the sensation of cumming. Mr. ALM was out with his buddies, so I did something I can't recall ever doing before and actually started fingering myself underneath my jeans while driving. (Before I get any hate comments about being an irresponsible menace on the road, it was late and the streets were all but empty so I wasn't putting anything at risk except my own pussy.) When I could tell I was getting close, I pulled off to the side of the road, left my lights on and engine running and rubbed my clit into a heart-pounding orgasm while a few cars passed by. I'd kept my foot on the brake pedal and afterward realized I should've probably put my car in park in case I really lost control and ended up driving myself into the light pole in front of me. Thankfully, there was no such tragedy... unless you count needing to promptly zip up my jeans to get home before the ice cream melted tragic.

It's been an interesting month to say the least and I'm doing some reflection on what I've enjoyed about the challenge and what I haven't. Yes... there have been some things I haven't enjoyed but I'll save that for when it's all said and done. For now, I've got a few more days of cumming to do!

xx-- She-Monkey

Orgasm Total Count: 113

31 Days of Orgasms (continued...)

Please first read about the challenge here-> http://www.yuvutu.com/modules.php?name=YuBlog&action=view&entry_id=4747

October 22nd:

When I got up this morning, I rather anticipated today to be a "recovery" day in my challenge. Much like my long-distance training in running, a hard workout should typically be followed up by an easy one to avoid injury or burnout. I don't imagine I'm at risk of injuring myself by having orgasms, but I am a little concerned about burning out. With only ten days left, I'm so close to being successful and wouldn't want to jeopardize that by going needlessly overboard.

Well... so much for that.

While catching up with him on the phone, Mr. ALM suggested a specific way for me to fill my daily orgasm quota. Awhile back, a woman here on yuvutu explained to me a method of having tantric orgasms, a concept that was completely unfamiliar to me but which intrigued me greatly. I still am very unlearned on the subject but with the little research I've done (both on the internet as well as the "hands-on" type), I think I could easily be convinced of its validity. Essentially, as I understand it, tantric sex is a more prolonged, relaxed, even spiritual way of reaching climax and supposedly will ultimately produce more satisfying results.

The first time I tried it was over the phone with Mr. ALM several months ago and while I was fascinated by the experience, I think the full effect of tantric masturbation can only be done alone by oneself. Very reluctantly, Mr. ALM let me go to enjoy my solitude with the promise I would write soon to tell him all about it. I closed my blinds and dimmed the lights in my bedroom, lit a couple of candles and turned on my little electronic "nature sounds" machine to the ocean waves setting (don't laugh... it helps me go to sleep!). After fluffing my pillows, I took off all my clothes, not wanting to have anything obstructing or causing distraction to what I was feeling. I started the process I had been taught by rubbing my clit to the point of just barely reaching my orgasm-- just one more moment of stimulation and I'd go over the edge. But at that moment, I released the pressure and felt the orgasm immediately retreat. I did this not once, not twice, but TEN times. At the moment of impending orgasm-- ten times over-- I pulled away. In between each attempt, I waited for 60 seconds, still carressing myself to maintain constant stimulation but allowing my body a few moments of peaceful rest.

Just as I remembered from the first time I did this, it was nothing less than torturous. To have worked up to that point, with all the squirming, toe-curling and writhing that goes with it, only to willingly let it go when it's finally there is extremely difficult. It took a lot of concentration and willpower, not to mention faith that it'd be worth it in the end! I used my fingers for most of the near-orgasms, but then my vibrator, which made it all the more torturous. I got to the point where all I really had to do was touch my clit with the head of the vibrator before I had to pull it off in time to beat the orgasm. 

After about 20 minutes of bringing myself to the edge of orgasm over and over again without allowing myself to actually enjoy the climax, I was ready and primed. When I brought myself to the edge again the 11th time, I didn't stop. As the orgasm washed over me, the most incredible feeling of pleasure accompanied it.  While I can't honestly say the orgasms were more intense, I can say with a certainty they were longer. What usually only lasts about five or six seconds for me stretched to ten seconds or longer each time. And rather than being concentrated in my lower torso only, I felt the orgasms throughout my body, to the tips of my fingertips and toes.

Is there really something to tantric sex? I'm going to have to say yes. But while I don't think I have the patience or discipline to practice it on a regular basis, I would have to say it's definitely something worth experimenting with on occasion.

For accuracy purposes, I only counted the six "real" orgasms I had. But technically speaking, today was a 16 orgasm day. Who needs recovery?

xx- She-Monkey

Orgasm Running Total: 95

31 Days of Orgasms (continued...)

Please first read about the challenge here-> http://www.yuvutu.com/modules.php?name=YuBlog&action=view&entry_id=4747

It was another orgasmically productive day for me yesterday. After work, I went to a local salon to use a tanning bed-- something I do on occasion to help even out the color of my skin since I get so much sun on my arms and legs by running outside. It's not often that I leave a tanning bed without having rubbed out at least one orgasm, which I consider kind of a guilty pleasure that's a little embarrassing to admit. There's just something about lying naked under the warm glow of the lightbulbs and listening to the methodical humming of the fans. It makes me horny almost every single time and it just seems an awfully inefficient use of time if I didn't "maximize my nakedness" while I'm lying there with nothing better to do. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

So, I was two minutes into a 20 minute tan session before my fingers found their way between my legs. Unfortunately, having just come from work, I wasn't exactly in an aroused state of mind so I didn't have a lot of natural lubrication to work with. No problem, I thought, I've got time. I'll just relax and enjoy myself. But while it was certainly enjoyable, I'm not a very patient girl when it comes to getting sexually stimulated. Before too long, I just gotta get it-- plain and simple. My body still wasn't cooperating, though, despite my attempts to dip inside myself to gather up some juice. It struck me then that it would be really useful to have one of those travel-sized containers of lube that I could carry around in my purse for convienient, on-the-go masturbating. You know... like a little bottle of shampoo, except it would be KY Jelly. Surely I'm not the only gal out there who would find this useful.... am I?!

Finally, I found a good rhythm with my fingers by pushing my clit up against my pubic bone and as I felt my legs tense up in the confines of the tanning bed, I knew I was close. I came pretty hard, arching my back, my knees actually hitting the top of the bed as they splayed outward. I was glad for the fans and hoped they covered enough of my soft moans to not arouse suspicion amongst the employees working nearby. Immediately afterward, the moist heat overtook me and I lied still, coming down from my climax, my chest rising and falling with the exertion. I peeked at how much time I had left-- four minutes-- and decided it was plenty of time to get one more. This time, I came much quicker and my orgasm was a little more intense, my moans just a little more audible, making the effort definitely worthwhile. The timer went off and as I extracted myself from the puddle of sweat I left on the bed, I came away with not only a newly tanned glow on my body but the unmistakable post-orgasmic glow on my face.

I wasn't quite done for the day as I later had the pleasure of Mr. ALM's company on the phone to add five more orgasms to my total. Purple Pete made an appearance and treated me wonderfully to a couple of them. When I was done, I had just the spark of energy I needed to do my workout and get through the rest of the day. I slept like a rock, no doubt dreaming of the time I see Mr. ALM again and put all this orgasmic practice to good use.

Thanks for reading, everyone... more soon!

xx- She-Monkey

Orgasm Running Total: 89

(POLL) 31 Days of Orgasms (continued...)

Could we get an idea of how many readers we have?  Please click the "comment on this post" at the bottom of this entry and just say "I do" or something.  I'm just curious.

Thanks! ~He-Monkey

31 Days of Orgasms (continued...)

Please first read about the challenge here-> http://www.yuvutu.com/modules.php?name=YuBlog&action=view&entry_id=4747

October 20th:

I'm now a full two-thirds of the way into the challenge and going strong! I tend to go (or should I say "cum") in phases. One day it's all I really care to do to get just the one required orgasm. But then the next day I more than make up for it.

Today was one of those days.

When I finally had a few minutes today to sit down and concentrate on my task at hand (ahem, so to speak), I was prepared to go the distance. My quota today turned into a yuvutu pornfest as I clicked on the "hottest" link and made my way through a good portion of the videos on the first page. There was some fantastic material and it didn't take long at all for me to get good and goopy as I sat at my desk, legs spread apart underneath, intently taking in all the wonderfully tiltillating visuals on my screen. I used just my fingers today, using a little dollop of lube to get started but having more than enough of the natural kind by the time I finished. As anyone who is familair with our videos knows, I have a set of pussy lips that are rather full and voloptuous ("chewable", as Mr. ALM calls them). When I really get going, my lips swell and engorge with blood and I have to practically dig into the pink folds with my fingers to find my little bead of a clit. I know I'm at my most heightened state of arousal when that happens. I sometimes even get TOO wet and have a tricky time manuevering over that magic spot enough to reach my climax. It reminds me of when Mr. ALM goes down on me and several orgasms later, I'm so wet and swollen the poor guy almost suffocates. It might be prudent on my part to hone my CPR skills in case they were ever needed in the heat of the moment. 

Ten orgasms (my biggest one-day total so far in the challenge) left my pussy a mass of copious, soggy, purple flesh. It looked like somebody had beaten up on it.... which, I suppose isn't too far from the truth.  Can't wait 'til tomorrow!

xx-- She-Monkey

Orgasm Running Total: 82

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