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choclitunicorn information personelle

  • choclitunicorn

  • Occupation: beverage cart girl at a private golf club
  • Centres d'intérêts: old white guys with big dicks!!!!white men,50-65 years old only!!!
  • Sexe: Femelle
  • Date de naisance: Mai 1979
  • Groupe ethnique: Noir
  • Statut matrimoniale:
  • Sexualit: Htro
  • Fumer: Non
  • Taille: 170 cm 5 ft 7 in
  • Silhouette: Mince


Love old white men between 50-67 years old.Recently discovered the "lifestyle",as a single woman.Go to swing clubs,2-3 times a month.love retired military men,especially Army and Marines.I Get off having my butt hole sniffed!I have a huge clit!!

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 - giving head
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  •  20/04/14
  •  81%
 - at Fort Desoto
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 - my huge clit
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  •  13/04/14
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 - bondage with cowboy from rodo
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 - monster cumshot
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choclitunicorn photos

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  •  21/06/14
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  •   964
  •  26/05/14
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  •  26/05/14
  •  56%
  •   4K
  •  05/05/14
  •  75%

choclitunicorn blogs

5 senior men,2 senior women,and the black girl

 Went to visit one my sugar daddies in Ohio,last weekend.On Sat night,had a small gettogether,5 guys 3 ladies.reached a new high(or low),lol.had 5 guys,and eachmade me cum at least twice.They all line up and eat me,each made me cum,then next one was up.That was so hot!!!2 of them were BIG TIME Alpha males!!!!!My sugar daddy(retired Marine)and another guy there(53and was the youngest).They both ate me out me for a second time,(a pizzing contest,as I was the benefactor)lol.Both made me cum real good again.Went over to another guy that was busy eating another guys wife,and started giving him head.Another came over and I now had 2 cocks waving in my face.one of them bent me over the jacuzzi,and put a condom on,and entered me from the back.Kept sucking the other guy as his wife sat on his face.The husband,wife and I,came nearly at the same time,he on my face,her on his,me on the other guys condom coated cock,so hot!!!He was done,4 more to go,lol.The 53 yo Alpha put on a condom,and lets say"put it to me good"!!!God I love Alphas!!15 minutes later,he had me get on top,rode him for 10 minutes before he filled the condom.2 down.As he was unrolling the cum filled condom,my sugar daddy stuck his cock in me bareback,as only he can,and looked at the other guy like,"this is MY pussy,dont even think about cumming n it",lol.I then rode him,as another of the ladies rode his face.Another  gentleman came over and asked to stick his soft cock in my mouth.Wasnt soft long,lol.Actually came a few minutes later.3 down,2 to go,sugar daddy and another.Sugar daddy still in me,this time laying me across the table,as the last guy sticks his cock in my mouth.5 minutes later,sugar daddy is letting go inside me!!!30 secs later,the last guy now enters me witth his condom covered dick.Short fat dick felt so good!!His wife tapped out,and both the older ladies were done after about 40 minutes,told me to finish the old men off,lol.They really enjoyed me working their husbands.10 minutes later the last guy was ready to cum.Pulled the condom off and shot a surprisingly huge load on my breasts.My sugar daddy said none of that gets on nher face,when he saw he was cumming on my tits.All done,or so I thought.The 53 yo old Alpha was ready for more!He ate my pussy out as I sucked off my sugar daddy,the other Alpha.20 minutes off pussy eating and I was soaked!!!He put another condom on,and hit me from the back,same as before.Still sucking my man off,I came again,4 consecutive times,I was nearly done!!He immediatly came,all over my back,shortly followed by my sugar daddy,on my face.Pizzingcontest over,tie,although I was the real winner,lol.All the sudden,my man starts putting on some astro glide and very thoroughly eating my ass!2 minutes of licking my butthole,and he was rock hard,a third time!!He was bareback in my ass,and did me like he owned me(he does,lol),and a few minutes later with me piching his cock with my asshole,he came a third time,showed everyone one there,he was the true Alpha male!!!Almost 2 1/2 hours later,my sugar daddy was the last man standing,a true boss!!!8 orgasms from the guys,and well over 25 for the ladies.

Rock star,the stripper and the black girl

 There used to be a rock club in Bradenton,Fl called the Town lounge,which is now a Cash America pawn shop.Used to go there in the 90's to watch local rock bands,and new up and coming national "hair bands".Being the only black girl in there regularly,I loved all the attention(always an attention whore).Next door was (and still is) a strip club I used to work at called the peek a boo.Used to go to to the town 3-4 times a month,listen to local bands: tyger tyger,Deloris Telescope and my favorites,The stranger band!They would sometimes get some national bands in there before they got big:Saigon Kick,Savatage,and Lillian Axe.Lillian Axe was one of my favorite bands,couldn't wait to see them.

Started the night off at about midnight to visit some of the girls I used to work with at the peek a boo.They had a soon to be famous stripper,LuLu Devine,dancing that weekend.Met her in the dressing room,her breasts were HUGE!!They said she was a Z cup on the posters they had for her.A little buzzed,I left to go next door to hear the band.20 minutes later,I was in the front row,rockin my black ass off,and making serious eye contact with the lead singer.He looked so yummy,and I was wanting to find out for myself,how yummy he was.Toward the end of their set,they said they had a special guest that was joining them onstage.It was the huge breasted stripper from next door,Lulu.She started dancing onstage with the band as they played,and she spotted me in the front.She kept motioning to me to join her,but I wasn't ready for that.Well the mai tais and wine coolers I had been drinking all night,began to take effect,and block any good judgement I had back then.At the urging from the guys in the crowd I went onstage with her,totally intimidated my her boobs.She took her top off,and shook them for everyone to see.She wanted me to take mine off ,but no way was I revealing my C cups up there with her Z cups!!To please the crowd,I fondled her breasts,and licked her nipples,as everyone went nuts!She stuck my head between her breasts,they were bigger than my head!

We got off stage and she took us to the back.We started making out(she was an incredible kisser)and the band finished up,and came backstage.The lead singer,Ron,liked what he saw,and invited us back to his room,for a few drinks(the last thing I needed).Met him back there an hour later(she never showed up).Went up to his room,and had a few shots and he started getting aggressive,taking off my t shirt and bra,and sticking my entire breast in his mouth.he sucked and licked my breasts,until I was warm and sticky "down south".He took his pants down,and I swear to God,had one of the biggest hardons I've seen!!God he was big!!Not as good at taking a big cock in my mouth in my early 20's as I am now at 34,I did the best I could.It wasn't long before precum started oozing from his head.After about 10 minutes or so,my clit was throbbing,needing sucked on.I stood up and convinced his face in my horny,wet,hairy blonde box.Yes,that's right,used to,on occasion bleach my pubes blonde.Drove the white boys nuts,lol!!After a few seconds getting over the shock of a black girl having blonde pubes,he hungrily licked at my pussy lips,but it was my clit that was begging for his tongue,and soon found my huge clit,and was again taken aback at the size of it!!Guys arent used to seeing a nearly3"clit!As usual with men under 50,wasnt that gifted in the art of pussy eating. Once I guided his tongue to my clit with my finger,he flicked it 2-3 times,and his tongue never found it again.Anyway,I needed to cum,so after he put a condom on,I guided his cock inside me.What he lacked in oral skills,he made up for with his fucking(well almost,lol).About 3-4 minutes later,I came,with orgasm on top of orgasm,my first multiple of my life!He fucked hard,and lasted am extremely long time.My young black pussy was soaked!!My turn to be on top.This white rocker was enjoying seeing his black "groupie"writhing in ecstasy on top of him,as he was smiling at the pleasure he was giving me.After giving me 3 more orgasms,he mounts me from the back.He starts pumping and moaning,and I know what that means,lol.Then all of a sudden,I felt the condom break.Horny as we were,no going back now,a few seconds later,I could feel him filling me up with his nuts!!He rode that orgasm out!I came nearly 10 times total,and the sheets were soaked with sweat and girl goo,but was so good,I fell asleep in my "juice"Woke up an hour later to his hard cock rubbing on my ass.Feeling that tingle on my pussy again,I went down on him again,still amazed at his size.Several minutes of taking as much down as I could,he was ready for round 2,as was I.All of a sudden,here comes the Mai tais again.Got to the bathroom and up they came.How embarrassing!!10 minutes later,I came out of the bathroom,and he was passed out!!!Got dressed(never did find my panties)and left,dry heaving all the way home.
This is a true story,not just an erotic story for the site,I promise.Was over 10 years ago,some details maynot be 100%accurate,but is close,lol
I fucked a commercial fisherman today,and I liked it,A LOT!!!

 met a commercial fisherman at the Cortez fishing festival in February.Cute as hell,rugged good looks.Walked around with him for about 20 mins,then left.Rained today(April,18) so left work early.Stopped by a bar on Bradenton Beach to get a few drinks.Guess who was there,my commercial fishing friend.Bought me drink after drink,good time.Told me he has been jerking off thinking of me,the last 2 months since he had seen me.Said he never thought about a black girl like that before.It stopped raining about 2,and we left the bar,and walked along Bridge street.Walked back to the bar,got into our cars,and followed him to his house in Cortez.We literally fucked the rest of the afternoon.He was a machine!!!!Busted 3 nuts,the last one in my ass,then we both collapsed from exhaustion.Got dressed and followed him in my car to the sandbar restaurant.Bought me dinner,and then he got full on my all you can eat chocolate buffet,for dessert,in the car.Went home to shower and take a nap to get ready for a house party with some people from lifestyle club I go to.Woke up at 9:00 and no way was I in any shape to go to the party!Ended up stayng home,and talking to my new"friend"on the phone,rest of the night.                                                                                                              Tonight we hung out at his house,,just chilled,he snorted some coke off my butt,ate thai takeout,then he was like"I want to eat your pussy".Man,this guys head was fireeeeee!!!Had me climbin the walls the way he was eating my pussy!!38 years old,and eating my pussy and asshole like that,somebody taught this boy!!!!I never have sex with anyone under 50,NEVER,but this 38 yo can throw down!!!Dont need to fuck nobody else!!!

Fat boy Harley and the black girl

Met a (what I found out later to be)53 year old guy today in the mall parking lot on a Fat Boy.He parked next to my car.As he was getting off the bike,I told him nice fat boy,which I think impressed him,a black girl knowing what a fat boy is.Asked me if I wanted a ride,Anyone that knows me knows,a fat boy is what gets this black pussy soaked!!Got on,gave me a 20 minute ride.Asked me if I wanted another ride later this evening,I said why wait,lol.Took me to lunch at Applebees,then went to his place,and litteraly got my shit owned all afternoon long!!
One of the reasons I love older white men is it doesnt take them all day to find my clit,unlike most younger guys.Well his tongue found it in about 30 seconds,and didnt come off it for 20 minutes,til I came!!He wasnt finished with me,as he turned me over and massaged my butthole with his tongue(my favorite).Wore me out with his tongue,alternating from my butt hole to my pussy,til I nearly passed out!Had his head so far in my crack,I thought he was stuck,lol.Pulled his face out of my ass,and put that dick in me for nearly 2 hours.Used 4 condoms,as they ripped from all that pounding.He ran out of condoms,and we got the last one out of my purse!I came approx 16 times(4 orally and I think 12 penetration,kinda lost count)Had 2 sets of multiples!Felt bad he only popped once,lol.Got his number as he dropped me off back at my car.This is an afternoon delight encounter I may call back,something I rarely do

vivianm95474 said:
Here she is:
cd_slut said:
super sweet profile love Your clit
jillsuckscock said:
Beautiful Clit on a lovely lady ;)~
spanishphotographer said:
Hi! Im a spanish photographer traveling across california. Are you in
Cali? I would like to meet up with you
clamwa said:
u r so fucking hot would like to eat ur asshole and have u squirt ur
cum in my mouth.
seigfreid said:
Thanks for accepting my friends request. Look forward to chatting with
you sometime
seigfreid said:
Luv the videos on your profile. I am a 65 year old man who (still)
cums big and hard.
Maxcorleon said:
welcome Rome any time
joey_clichy said:
Thanks for the amazing chat. I want to cum for you every day.
horusnubiano2 said:
Sei bellissima..... ti amerei e ti scoperei senza sosta!!
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