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  • Centres d'intérêts: Read our 3 part blog!
  • Sexe: Femelle
  • Date de naisance: Septembre
  • Groupe ethnique: Blanc
  • Statut matrimoniale: Couple coquin
  • Sexualit: Bisexuel
  • Fumer: Non
  • Taille: 160 cm 5 ft 3 in
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We enjoy skinny dipping at the river, flashing, wearing sundress`s out with no underwear etc. Although we have been to some really nice nudist resorts and still attend some ( Laguna Del Sol, Wilton, CA ) the whole organized nudist thing just isn't o

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Sharing part 3

Sharing part 3

We enjoy many different types of meetings.  Sometimes hubby’s imagination takes over and we have a very erotic adventure.  This one we have done on several occasions, and enjoy very, very much!   Hubby has 4 short cotton ropes that he braided a loop into one end of each, and just a knot into the other end.  He sometimes takes them with us to our hotel.  My hands and feet slip into the loops and the knotted ends slip between the mattress and box springs.  This way we can simulate me being tied but I always know I can slip my hands and feet out if I want.  When we have this adventure we always have a two-room suite.  Hubby pulls all the bedding down except for a sheet, and puts the knotted ends of the rope under each corner of the mattress.  Before company arrives, hubby has me wait in the bedroom nude or with a robe on.  He turns the music or tv up a little, so I can’t hear what’s going on in the next room.  After he or they arrive, hubby will come back into the bedroom and help me prepare.  He has me lay back on the bed nude and I put a blindfold over my eyes.  He places my hands and feet into the loops and adjust them, then pulls the sheet up over my body to just below my chin.  Then he brings in our company.  The first time we did this it was extremely awkward, but since I have learned to just lay back and enjoy the feeling.  I always try to figure out if it’s one or more and try to guess the race, age, etc.  It is extremely erotic to feel my body being touched and feel the sheet slowly being pulled down exposing my naked body to others that I cannot even see.  I get so turned on by the touch, and the kissing and licking, it’s amazing!  Usually my feet are the first to slip out of the loops then later my hands, as the sex continues.  I am sometime so involved in what one guy is doing I will be startled by the sudden splash of hot cum on my body and all the wonderful licks. After the first couple experiences with this type of sex, when everyone is through, hubby now has me leave my blindfold on until everyone has gone.  For me that is just the start of the experience.  Later if we go down to the hotel lounge or even the next morning while having breakfast or checking out, it’s so amazing.  Every time I see a man and make eye contact, I get so turned on again wondering if he had been in my room and seen my body lying on the bed helpless and had touched, kissed and licked my naked body.  I wonder if I had tasted his cock in my mouth, and had intercourse.  I wonder if he left his deposit in me or on me!!  It’s almost as good as the sex itself!

Sharing part 2

 Once we arrive at the hotel, I like to take a long hot bath and prepare myself for the evening.  Hubby sometimes arranges for us to meet our new friend in the hotel lobby or lounge, over a glass of wine.  If we have a two room suite sometimes we will have him come directly to our room. If a suite is not available the we meet in the lounge or lobby.  We visit for a while to see if we are all compatible, and if so we will invite him to our room, if not already there.   I always sit on the couch and have our new friend sit next to me.  Hubby likes to sit in a chair facing us.  I like the man to be assertive, but sometimes they can be a little shy at first, especially if it's their first time with a woman's husband sitting accross from him.  I like to touch a man on the hand, thigh, and shoulder while we chat to make them comfortable.  If they still seam a little nervous, hubby might suggest a couple pictures.  He might say, "slide over real close and kiss her and I will get a picture".  Thats usually all it takes.  Then the foreplay begins!!  I love lots of kissing and hubby loves seeing our tonges touching.  Hubby loves to watch men finding my breasts, squeezing them, sucking and pinching my nipples, and of course I love it!!!  I am very oral and love both giving and receiving.  I try to make as much eye contact as possible with hubby and our new friend during oral sex.  And then one of the most excting for hubby and I is that  momment when our friend slide his cock into me!  With hubby being so much into candaulism and me so into being a exhibitionist, this is the prize!!!!!!!!

Sharing part 1

 I thougt I would try to explain our lifestyle a little.  When you see our video's and pictures, I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind is that we are a cuckold and wife, but that is far from the truth.  This is a lifestyle that is'nt for everyone but is a wonderful lifestyle for us.  Hubby is into candaulism, and I am an exhibitionist.  We compliment each others desires, he wants me to do all the things that I already want to do. My husband loves to share me with other men, and i love to be shared.  We started swinging over 40 years ago.  My husband is very good to me, so that all I need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.  He usually makes all the arrangements for these meetings.  If our guest is going to be a stranger that I have never enjoyed before, hubby usually just tells me what hotel we will be staying at so I know how to dress.  Hubby makes sure that the stranger understands that our meeting will be a NSA meeting.  He make sure that everyone is in agreement that for any reason that anyone feels uncomfortable we can go our separate ways with no hard feelings.  He also explains that if we are all compatible we do have a few rules.  The rules are very simple, we don't like potty play, real pain or anal intercourse.  Hubby is always in the room when I meet a stranger for the first time.  Most of the time he doesn't give me any information about who we will be meeting.  While we are waiting for the knock on the door I get very excited knowing that at any time I will be be saying hello and having sex with a man of an unknown race and age!  Over the years we have found this to be very, very erotic for both of us.  Sometimes, after I have been with someone a couple times, hubby and I have a discussion about or new lover.  If we feel that he is trustworthy and honest, we decide if we want to make him a "regular".  A regular is someone that we feel safe enough that I can meet alone, and in some case invite to our home.  The nice thing about having "regulars" is that if hubby is not availible, it makes scheduling a meeting so much easier.  And huuby gets to hear ALL the details later!!

englishgent said:
happy new year sexy missing you xxxx
john494u81 said:
Ur soooooo hot!!!! I want U so bad...will do anything!
wwlesegheww said:
I love the comments you always make to my videos, THANKS
wwlesegheww said:
Grazie dei tuoi commenti CJ, KISS !
englishgent said:
missing you but at least i get to keep looking at your great vids
englishgent said:
missing our chats xxxxx
willfish23 said:
Very sex love to be naked with u
willfish23 said:
Great pics my friends id suck on ur breast
northernenglandcouple said:
WE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS WE LOVE TO MEET...!We love to chat an play with
you...cam to cam..we are often on chat We are looking for other
couples play between adults, without the fuss. Whether you are
experienced or novice curious to try games Dominance / Submission, all
are welcome!
john494u81 said:
i want to jack off on ur tits and suck my cum off ur nipples sooo bad!
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