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krowran information personelle

  • krowran

  • Occupation: retail
  • Centres d'intérêts: bdsm
  • Sexe: Couple htrosexuel
  • Date de naisance: Juillet 1967
  • Groupe ethnique: Blanc
  • Statut matrimoniale: Couple fidle
  • Sexualit: Htro
  • Fumer: Oui
  • Taille: 157 cm 5 ft 2 in
  • Silhouette: Large


We are a very happy couple that have many fetishes and fantasies. He loves when I make videos for him we will be makeing some videos together very soon. If you have any requests please just message us and we will see what we can do to accomidate :)

krowran vidos

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krowran photos

  •   926
  •  13/08/09
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  •  24/07/09
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  •  24/07/09
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  •  24/07/09
  •  73%

krowran blogs

Pas d'entres
cumm_craver said:
just let me know when u wanna plan a get together would love to meet
the both of u
illbreakuass said:
Aloha Krowran and Special a Your Beautiful Wife Yummy! can tell that
from the first moment that I appreciate your profile You are aware
that a beautiful woman truly open-minded. I would love to know more
about yourself add Me to your contact list My msn is:
MickBryanSK8@hotmail.com. is to make my sexual fantasies with My Love
Anal Priapus, 20 cm long by 1 7 / 8 the radius of a circle. Your
position at the famous doggy styles or better known as chicken grazing
pastisal You know, at the maximum separating with your hands your
beautiful and lush buttocks while I will accommodate the Colaless
(Hilo), Tanga, Bikini, Cacheteros (Boxer) .. . etc to your beautiful
and exuberant left buttock to make my lips with red flesh and a Kiss
My long tongue Black Oral Sex give your beautiful Anus introducing my
tongue in your behavior analyst then rub in a circular to all my
Priapus contour of your beautiful year while my hands caress your
nipples and Special Your Clitoris getting excited maximum and
whispering to Make Love to You with My Priapus Anal Penetrating you
gently and slowly around My first feeling glans and My Priapus as
will step in your conduct Anal and feeling as you break each
specification of the Rings Yours Anales that are dry at the beginning
but at the same time natural fluids lubricate My Priapus Coming near
to penetrate to the middle of my Priapus in ascending and descending
and telling your Everything you penetrate Strong My Priapus and
groaning with pleasure Your Sticking biting the pillow and making love
for 2 hrs and 45 min which had held all the positions and for coming
to The Glory taking both at once orgamos Our consecutive ejaculate
more than within 15 seconds My Priapus getting anal You separate while
the maximum with Your hands Your Beautiful Buttocks and lush in the
doggy position to appreciate it through the mirror on the wall as is
your Anus Red deflowered fully dilated and intemperate about 2 radius
circle when you know that My Sperm drops your lips Your greatest
merger with Flow and Female Ejaculation reaching Fine Your Legs that
look lush and My Semen Stockings Members will continue to
descendiendote day after day you are going to evacuate until day 3 and
once groomed us we will get to Oral Sex for Your Love Beuty vagina and
anus and obviously with a view to make Love Anal To clean Yourself.
You have to either the anal or else I I will help you be happy to
spruce up your anal All Anal with an irrigator should be as you know
well not to have any kind of problem, much less you embarrassed or
feeling sick and if you do not worry because My Love It is normal! I
also agree and I wish you all and we are really open-minded people you
know. We're going take some photos And to film ourselves making
love Anal.Yummy! This is an extract from the summary and like to make
love Anal want to know if more of my sexual fantasies and send a
couple of photos of yourself redactame to My E-mail It! I wish you
every success in everything you want or suggest that God always bless
you and protect.I sending one kiss how and where you want more Muah!
Hugs and well worth much take care of Yourself! and Me take care of it
very well and I hope that is mine You know I have the Sweet Dreams and
hotter with the red marrow Serafin with Me .We be contacted soon by
msn you know See ya Yummy!. ATTE: Michael!
samiro00 said:
liacaro your size your breasts I want you
samiro00 said:
my email samirosse@hormail.com add my email you lik penis big arabic
bogossex said:
good big bitch !
cumm_craver said:
u anywhere near salisbury nc by chance???
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