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  • mainardgcrebs

  • Occupation: Business owner
  • Centres d'intérêts: swinging,threesomes
  • Sexe: Mle
  • Date de naisance:
  • Groupe ethnique: Blanc
  • Statut matrimoniale: Libre et seul
  • Sexualit: Htro
  • Fumer: Non
  • Taille:
  • Silhouette: Normale



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 - My favorite blonde wife
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 - Wife riding friend at Holiday INN
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 - Another of my favorite blonde wife
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 - Wife at hotel with my friend
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 - My favorite blonde wife
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  •  06/05/18
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Videos I would like to find!!!!!!! Homemade only

 We had our very first threesome years back and it was a total surprise that it happened, one day i will post the entire story, its rather long but very exciting. You see my (now EX) was very conservative and also very attractive.My best friend ,college roommate was friends with my wife also, he would come over for a few beers and we would just chat. The conversation over time always seemed to get to where he would complain about his wifes lack of sexual desire. well one night we were partying with more than just beer(late 90's, white powder) and my wife really enjoyed it, I didnt realize just how much and how she reacted to it.

Anyway, all of a sudden she whispers in my ear" you can play with my tits if you want to" , he was sitting right accross from us but didnt hear. I thought about this for a min. than i asked my friend to go up stairs and grab a few more beers, while he was gone i looked at her and asked, do you want him to see me doing it, she srugged her shoulders, he returns and as he sits down, I reach around her back with my left arm, went under her shirst , slid my hand around frount a very slowly hooked my littl finger over her collar and pulled down revealing her perfect small untanned breast with her nipple rock hard and pointing. I let it just stay out, she just kept talking to him as though nothing was going on. He was doing his best not to stare and seemd in delightful shock. In about half hr he went to get more beer and the like, while he was gone she said ( this really caught me off gaurd, she said," can I give him a blowjob? I feel sorry for him. Well i knew there was more to it than that but i was seeing a side of her that i never ever expected but the thoughts going through my head were such a turn on. He came back and i had removed her panties and had her sit between my legs then covered us with a blanket, I sarted to rub between her legs as she slowly became very turned on and wet, and i whispered, if you come you can give him your BJ.

With in a few minuets ( he was watch all this in total amasment) she was shacking, moaning how good it felt, squeezed her legs togeather and screamed OMG, and just then I dropped the blanket, she looked at him with a very desperate expresion and said ,can I please suck your cock.

He was stunned and looked at me, i shrugged my shoulders, she dropped to the floor between his legs ,unzipped his pants and proceeded to give him an pasionate BJ. After about 10 mins he said i going to cum and didnt know what she would do(either did I ) well, he started to shake, let out a groan and she never stopped, when he came i could tell because she stopped and i could tell she was swalling every drop.

I went out the next dayand bought a camcorder, things got even wilder on the next ocation and i had it all on tape, from when he arrived, the slow build up to what he and i were both hoping would happen and it slowly did, getting her to put on a see through nightgown and many other unique was of getting the mood set.

 so this all leads up to the type of homemade videos i would like to find, something where it doesnt just jump into sex but the build up, undressing her slowlyy in front of him, playing strip poker so she wouldnt feel like this was planned, the best part is this was her idea and it went on for over a year, never got wierd but always it had to start slow. Some of the thinggs we did I didnt even know she knew about, but as long as it was never set up for just that(which we all knew itwwas but it gave her a way to accept it. I? had hrs of tapes, even found a couple on internet years later.I would love to see a night like that on video.

Eventually i will write about our first threesome whch was two days after that first night, best sex of my life, nobodys feeling got hurt, no big deal was made we just allowed ourselves to let it happen on her terms, which turned out to be quite often

Any thoughts or some real videos like this, please let me know, oh another thing, the sounds she would make were so real, you knew she was really into in.

Damn i miss it, and it was not the reason for our divorce.COMENTS REQUESTED

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BeautifulMay said:
Great videos. Super hot!!
northernenglandcouple said:
WE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS WE LOVE TO MEET...!We love to chat an play with
you...cam to cam..we are often on chat We are looking for other
couples play between adults, without the fuss. Whether you are
experienced or novice curious to try games Dominance / Submission, all
are welcome!
wallywallace said:
I just wish i was a good friend of yours.Your ex is absolutely
beautiful. I loved your video.The wife and i have been in several
situations like that and enjoyed every one of them. Please post more.
northernenglandcouple said:
grt blog.Thanks again for inviting me as a friend...hope to see you on
Chat....Kisses Carol
northernenglandcouple said:
Hi thank you so much for adding me as a friend! .We are looking for
someone to play with us ON YUVUTU CHAT.We wondered if you are
available to play Today. We added a new video an a few photos.After
a rather hot weekend ...If you liked or not please leave a
comment...Thanks again for inviting me as a friend...hope to see you
on Chat....Kisses Carol
dec010974 said:
Thank you for sharing. You both are hot.
paralelo said:
bedlove said:
Your wife is HOT...I wish u had more video of her to share with us. I
like your favorites too. Good choice. Thanks for what you have
posted so far.
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