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A big pair of...


Samantha is a happy housewife. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, nice body... The symbol of all american women. When her husband goes to work... she uses a little friend with egg form, and a remote control. Her friends dont know this, the secret element of pleasure that make she have a nice smile.

By the afternoons, Samantha take a visit to friends, specially to the Evorys, She helps Hilda, the young of the Evorys... to be happy, with her tongue and her fingers, meanwhile Sonny, the brother of Hilda, cums in the Samantha´s face.

When the nigth falls...the husband are back. After of dinner... he prefer the attentions of his husband, and she make him a handjob. The weaked husband always cum at the third touch, cuming in the hand.

In the bed,Samantha always used her finger for her satisfaction, meanwhile the husband sleep.She think in the Sonny´s cock and the Hilda´s pussy meanwhile she touchs. She discharges a lot of juggs...

Tomorrow,a visit to insititute with chinese balls in anus,for be happy to the teachers that examing Bobby, her son. They have a big pair of... reasons for Samantha.

My new erotic story: the teachers smile


i dont understand why all of my classmates have bad apptitude or dont like go to *****, but i like go to ***** for a beautiful reason: my teacher.

She is a special teacher: Tall, with nice pressence, a pretty long brown hair... and two big reasons to looking her. But the best that have my teacher is her smile: a wonderful smile that i love.

A few days ago, i connect my msn... and a friend tell me:

-Ey man, accept this msn of my horny friend!

I believe that this is a joke of he, but i aggregate the msn to my contact´s list. A name, a pretty name appears in my eyes, and later, an invitation to see her. I accept, afraid of all succes for now... and a image is visible: a big pair or pretty tits in fron on me, with nipples with rocks, a great dildo exploring a shaved pussy... I surprised for i looked. Amazing, Spectacular...

Im writing in the msn, searching anwers... and i look a revelation: a smile, the same smile that i see in a person: my teacher.

Im cumed for the surprise, taking a wet zone in my pants.

Only I and she knows this.Is much better, she always smile... with me.

HOPE (Another Erotic Story)


She arrives to an abandoned park, with chairs semioxidateds for the pass of time. She walking, searching a old wood bank where she always sit all the nights.

When she encounters this bank, she sit in the seat of wood, and with the full moon in the sky... she quits her coat. Now, she is naked, only with the company of her memory, remembering the good moments in the park: the first blobjow, how three guys see make a pee... she is touching her nipples, and her clit is prepared.

In her mind, She is watched by various men, all naked and erect for see her naked body. In the reality, she is alone, naked, touching his right nipple with her right hand, meanwhile with the left hand, she introducing various fingers in her wet pussy. She is horny, remembering the sperm shots in face or boobs that she received long years ago. Finally, she squirts, than a geyser, fully excited.

She always encounter in the abandoned park... hope, much hope for she.

My first erotic story in yuvutu: RAIN


Its the 7:00 AM. She waked up and goes to the seat in front of a window. A window open to her particular universe what observe all days. She takes a rudimentary dildo of wood, a dildo maked with the wood of the tree where she and her loved decreased husband recorder the eternal love what they haved.

She is introducing these dildo in her pussy with her right hand, meanwhile with the left hand, she touch her left nipple of her left boob. She is crying remembering the good moments with her husband, alone... or with other friends when he dont stay at home for business. A peculiar smell is present meanwhille she accelerates her rythm introducing these dildo more deeper in her shaved pussy. She suspired of joy, horny and excited front the window: her nipples are rocks and her cunt... her cunt is too wet.

She squirt remembered his last orgasm with a man... and the rain appears.

Rain, always rain.

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