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 - Squiering after hard anal
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  •  17/05/18
  •  84%
 - Ass play with the wife
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  •  20/05/10
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 - A fan-fucking-tastic blowjob
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  •  01/05/10
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squirt and anal

Things got a little freaky the other day. She started off with wanting me to rub her clit like I usually do and get her off and all wet. So she starts getting into it and I can tell she wants me to make her squirt and gush. Things got all wet over our bed and she began to suck my cock. When ever she deep throated she would squirt s little more. Then she asked that I put a finger in her ass when ever she went deep with my cock down her throat. Fucking amazing!! She got wetter and wetter and pushed her ass out when ever my cock went deep. Finally she wanted the cock inside her and told me to put my cock in and out of her ass until she came. Let's just say she came big and she came hard Awesome night!

Anal Cream Pie

 Oh yeah.

Thought last night would be innocent.

Started off just touching her ass.  Then rubbed the head of my cock on her ass.  Then she leaned back wanting more, she asked that I rub a finger on her ass.  Then slip a finger in, then she wanted a cock, and a finger in her pussy, then she TOLD ME to cum in her ass.  As I was cumming, she came simultaneously.

Fucking awsome!!  Goodtimes for sure.

Wet, Wet, Wet

My lovely wife is now a squirter.

Last night she wet the bed by squirting.  OH YEAH.  While doing so she whispered that she wishes we were filming this so that guys could be jerking off to her and that she loved being slutty like this.

Some fun videos might be on the horizon.  :-0

Anal Wetness

Last night was fucking amazing.

Started off fingering her, then fucking her on her side in her wet pussy, then the focus went to her ass.

She loves me rubbing my cock on her asshole.  It makes her pussy litterally drip.  So I rubbed and when I rub she usually opens up and my cock ends up in her ass.  WIth my cock in her ass she almost cam but we held back.

I began taking my cock out and putting it back in.  She then admitted she loves my head stretching her asshole open and popping in.  GTFO!  I slipped a finger into her pussy and it was soaking wet.  She then whispered that if we had another guy to fuck her he'd be in heaven with her silky wet pussy dripping everywhere.

So in and out I went.  Then I took my cock out, rubbed her asshole and she began to cum so I put my cock back in and she came hard.

I was on the verge of cumming so I did one or two strokes and came everywhere.  Very, very god times.  Rubbing her ass makes her all sopping wet.

Sexy Bodysuit

We started making out and getting busy and she said to hold on a second and put on the bodysuit.  I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures.


Things got hot and have pretty quick and we didn't have time to film, just take a few photos.  She is just on the verge of being able to squirt and is kind of gushing a bit right now.  I really gave her pussy a pounding and she won't be walking right for the next day or so ;-)

She ended up cumming when I took my thumb out of her ass and replaced it with my cock and BOOOM she came.

Forgot the Camera

 Tonight we simply went at it.  

I knew she was up for a little fun in her ass when she prepped her ass in the bathroom prior to coming to bed.

Cock in and out of her ass in one smooth stroke, trying to squirt, riding back towards my cock in her ass.

FUCKING awsome.

VIDEO next time for sure.

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