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sophiabelladonna information personelle

  • sophiabelladonna

  • Occupation:
  • Centres d'intérêts: travel - people watching - darts - movies
  • Sexe: Femelle
  • Date de naisance: Octobre 1976
  • Groupe ethnique: Autre
  • Statut matrimoniale: Libre et seul
  • Sexualit: Bisexuel
  • Fumer: Non
  • Taille: 170 cm 5 ft 7 in
  • Silhouette: Normale


The most valuable skill a provider can have is not what you think, there is a right way and a wrong way to treat your customers and knowing that will make you a successful provider.

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sophiabelladonna blogs

through the tree

 I can see you through the trees, sat on an old tree stump, head bent.

As quietly as I can I step forwards, I'm curious to see what you are doing here. I need to get closer. Pushing the branches back I pick my way carefully towards you. SNAP. My foot treads on a rotten twig and in the quiet the noise cracks loudly through the air. I pause, my eyes locked on you, but you make no move to indicate that the noise has disturbed you. Drawing a calming breath I inch forwards. I am now close enough that I can see you clearly.
One hand rests on your thigh and the other is inside the open fastening of your jeans, the fabric drawn tightly. Your arm moves and your hand withdraws holding a stiffening cock in the palm. You push your jeans down and extract your balls from their confines. There you sit in all your glory, your balls and gorgeous cock stripped of covering. I know I'm holding my breath as I crouch there spying on you. Just looking at you though, I want to reach out and touch and taste. Wrap my lips around that fabulous cock and suck it into my mouth.
You move first, your hand grasping your cock as you moan. My lips parted all I can do is stare as your fist moves up and down your shaft. The head of your cock red and inviting. My breath quickens and the crotch of my knickers feels damp as I watch your secret performance. Your head is now tilted back and one hand is cupping your balls, tugging at the skin, as you wank, moving your hand a little faster over the tip of your cock. Pulling and stretching the skin. A groan slips between my lips and I press my fingers over my mouth to stifle any more. The movement of your hand has slowed and you are squeezing your cock slowly, still tugging at your balls. I am now so wet that I can feel the slickness between my pussy lips. Careful not to move too much I slip my hand up my skirt and under the edge of my knickers -- oh my pussy is so, so wet. Rubbing my finger along the edge of the lips makes me shudder a little and I look to check that you still feel you are alone.
You are leaning back, giving me a perfect view of your cock, as your fingers stroke up and down the sides of the shaft. Just to plant myself on you, to straddle you and take all of you inside my pussy in one move. To slide up and down on you, to feel you fill my pussy with each downward thrust. My thumb moves to my clit, flicking it as my finger slips into my pussy, imagining your cock at the entrance to me. My moan this time is louder, not so easily stifled. You pause, raising you head, your fingers still stroking your cock. For a moment it feels as if you are looking straight at me, but you can't be, as you continue your ministrations.
You stand, legs parted, hips thrust forwards and start to wank in earnest, your hand moving faster and faster on your cock which is so hard and swollen. I try to keep pace as my fingers fuck my pussy and my other hand rubs against my clit. I so desperately want to orgasm, but I want to see you, and I can't take my eyes off you. Buttocks clenching, your hips thrusting in time with the movements of the hand on your cock. I can almost feel you driving your cock deep into my pussy, as my fingers thrust into me.
With one loud groan spunk spurts from your cock over the ground and just seems to keep coming. Your body tenses as the last of it is released. I'm not far behind you, having seen you cum I can now focus on me and the excitement and perverseness of watching you has made me so ready. My fingers fucking in and out of my pussy frantically. I feel my stomach clench, my thighs start to shake, so much so that I fall back onto the ground, skirt raised, legs spread. Faster and faster and then I'm there, my pussy convulsing around my fingers, my body tight and a scream emanating from my lips. No thought to keeping myself hidden now!
Erotic Story Part 1

I want to run my nails across your chest lightly making you shiver then nibble your nipples until they are hard against my fingers and tongue then as I move down your chest I'll blow in your tummy button to make you giggle (and just to make sure you are still with me!) as I move down my tongue and mouth exploring you, my fingers feeling your body underneath them I'll kiss your cock from base to tip, up one side of your shaft and down the other, pausing at the top to run my teeth oh so gently over your head, making it twitch and stand proud in anticipation, and making you moan and squirm, raising your knee and opening your legs to let me get to your balls.

With my thumb gently running back and forth over your head, I'll take your balls in my mouth and massage them with my tongue, paying special attention to the bit between your asshole and balls, the bit that is so sensitive to the touch and which makes you swell even more (so what are you going to do with your hands while this is going on? shall I give you use of them? I haven't made my mind up yet!)
Taking my hand away from your shaft and my mouth away from your balls, I move down to your thighs, kissing and nipping them while you protest quietly, wanting me to move back up again (not yet). I'll lick the backs of your knees and move down to kiss the soles of your feet and flick in between your toes with my tongue before making my way back up your body. I move back up your body planting tiny, light, kisses up your legs, and, when I move over your cock, which by now is huge, erect and beautiful, and start moving up your belly again, you become a little more vocal - no words, just noises, almost pleading me to get back down your body again. I look up at you smiling, your eyes are shut and you're biting your bottom lip - I know my work is good! Lowering my head again I get back to work moving back down and kissing your head again, tasting the pre-cum on my lips. I open my mouth and take you in, making you gasp at the warmth, running my tongue around your shaft I feel every vein standing out, my body feels every shiver going through you.

I know that if I am not careful this will be over far too quickly for both of us, so I move my mouth slowly up to your head, running my tongue around and around then quickly plunge back down again as far as I can take you. You groan, the noise coming from deep within your throat, loud against the silence of the room. I carry on doing it, up slowly and down fast, each time you let out a silent moan until I feel you starting to tremble. Knowing that you are about to cum I pull away completely and move up your body to kiss you. How much more of this can you take? I'm about to find out. I kiss you deeply, letting you taste yourself in my mouth and when I pull away you ask me to go back down and pump you again. I will, in a minute, I don't want you cumming too quickly do I? I move slowly down your body again back to your very swollen shaft and I take it again into my mouth - the sound of relief in your throat is testament to my work. My mouth moves up and down you, sucking with each stroke bringing you nearer and nearer my goal, you feel my breast on your leg, my nipple hard.

My clit is rigid and I am soaked, proof that you are not the only one who is turned on and close to cumming. Your hips move under me, in time with each stroke and you rise to meet me each time. My hands on your hips, my nails digging in, making you buck and convulse.
I hear three words "I'm cumming, now!" and in that split second I decide not to prolong your agony and ecstasy any longer by pulling away again, so I take you as deep as I can into my mouth and swallow as you cum, spurt after spurt of cum hitting the back of my throat making me swallow it, the salt taste in my mouth. I hear you breathing heavily, and, knowing I am on the verge of cumming myself, I move up your body knowing that if I take your still erect cock just once I will have reached my second goal. I take you just once, hard and deep into me, the feel of it making me cry out loud as I cum hard and violently, convulsing on top of you. All my energy flows from me into and over you, making you buck your hips once more to see how deep you can really go, stretching me to the limit making me cry out loud.  I collapse on to you breathing fast, feeling you deep, tiny currents of electricity running through me making me shudder, feeling you still inside me, not wanting to move away from that. Your arms come round me as we lie there and try and remember that we are two.


Erotic story Part two

When I give you use of your hands again, you use them oh so carefully, lightly and gently while you make love to me and make me cum again and again as you always do, my clit rigid against your pubic bone feeling you as you grind it, making me cum deeper and harder each time until the end when you cum with me, both of us losing every sense of the world outside our bodies. Knowing that there is more in me - you move down my body to my clit, and, taking it deep into your mouth and sucking hard. You immediately make me cum again, my hips raising so far off the bed that you have to push me back down again, sucking and licking me until I can't do anything but moan, my juices pouring over your tongue and knowing that just makes me flow more. I am so wet I almost squelch! You drink every bit down, your tongue feeling as though it is searching for more. I continue to cum, tiny ***** bursts through my body, one continuous orgasm as you remove your mouth and move up my body again to kiss me. Tasting me just makes me flow more and I feel you hard and warm against me. Rolling over you move behind me and plunge deeply into me. Instinctively my head goes back and the noise from my throat is almost a howl.

One hand on my hip to guide me and one in my hair to make sure I cannot get away, you thrust deep and hard, claiming me yet again, as you push behind me and I come back to meet you, feeling your stomach against my bum. Your hands come to my shoulders and you pull me back against you in time with every thrust, harder and harder until we both start to shudder again. We cum together perfectly and collapse in a heap. I feel the warmth of you against my back, our breathing in time with each other and as we both come down we move, never not touching, until we are next to each other again and you are holding me in your arms, my ear against your chest listening to your heart slowing and knowing that we have served each other well.


erotic story part two

Your cock slides into my mouth... in... and out... in... and out... I can't get enough! My grip around the base of your cock tightens as my head bobs down... and up your cock... down... and up... in... and out... in... and out... I pull my face off your cock. Licking the head, I pull your cock down and tilt my head back so my neck straightens out. I open my eyes then, slowly, as I lean forward my hand lets go and your cock enters my mouth, my throat opens and I impale myself upon you. Your pubic hair tickles my nose as I feel the entire shaft of your cock in my mouth, the head inside my neck. After a few seconds, I slowly let it back out. As I take a breath through my nostrils the scent of you begs me for more. Back into my throat you go, my chin between your balls, my nose again in your hair. I hold for a few more seconds, then slide back to breathe, then take you once again. Your cock enters my throat nearly a dozen times when my facial muscles tell me I need a short break. My hand regains its grip on your shaft, this time pointing it straight up toward your face, and I lick over your right testicle. I slowly and carefully take it into my soft mouth and lick all over it. I then do the same for your left. I remove it and playfully lick figure-eights around your balls... up between them... down the right... up between them... down the left... up... down the right... up... down the left... and up, ever so slowly to the base of your cock. As I lick up the shaft of your cock, ready to finish you off, I look at your face, smile, and ask, "Want to cum on my face, baby?"
I sweep the hair away from my face and over my ears, readying myself for your orgasm. My fingers tighten around the base of your cock and my thumb presses down just above your balls. I slide my face down on you, sucking in with my cheeks. My mouth is partially full with saliva. Up... and down... up... and down... From the way you breathe and the throbbing of your cock I get a sense of the pace you like best, and continue sucking your penis. You feel the soft warmth of my wet mouth as it goes in... and out... in... and out....Your breathing changes ever so slightly. I know you're close, honey. It's time for the oral move that's never failed me since I learned it in college. My face goes down on you once again. This time, though, as I slide up, before bobbing back I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock. You feel my tongue all over you as your cock goes in... out... and swirl... in... out... and swirl.
It doesn't take long, and I'm ready for my reward. In... out... and swirl... in... out... and swirl. The girth of your cock expands in my mouth a half-second before you start cumming. My tongue is swirling around your cock as the first glorious squirt of your cum fills my mouth. I immediately pop off your cock, pull it downward as I lean back and point it straight at my mouth. Shot number two hits my open lips and off down the right side of my chin. I close my eyes and start jerking on your cock as it splashes gooey cum all over my right cheek in all directions. As I continue stroking it shoots on the side of my nose. I pull it over to the left side of my face and feel shots five and six on my cheek, temple, ear, and into my hair. I turn my head and caress your softening cock over my right cheek as the last few drops dribble and ooze out. When the throbbing stops, I turn back to the tip of your penis and lick off the last of the cum from you. I look up at you and smile, my face splattered white with your cooling salty cream. I'm sure I look a mess, but I'm a sexy mess. I'm filled with a sense of pride and I feel my nipples stiffen. Finally releasing your cock, I use my fingers to sweep the cum off my cheeks toward my waiting tongue. I kiss your belly and wipe my face into it. I continue kissing upward... pausing to lick over your nipples, then up to your neck as I feel your arms tighten over my naked back. I feel so happy knowing you're content

erotic story part one

I kneel at your feet, my hands on your knees, slowly spreading your legs apart. I slide my hands up your thighs and rub the bulge in your jeans in front of me. I look up at you and smile as I undo the button, then look down while I unzip your fly. This is going to be so fun. I pull on the elastic band of your shorts, revealing the head of your cock. It's getting hard already, and a tingle runs through my body knowing how much you want me. I hold onto the shaft and pull it toward my eager lips, and plant a kiss on the tip of your cock... then another kiss... then the kiss turns French and my tongue swirls around the head. Then another soft kiss. I know you want more, but don't worry... the teasing won't last long. More kisses, then my mouth surrounds the head of your cock once more. I reach up with both hands to the edge of your jeans and pull slightly. You take the hint and raise your hips to help get your pants off. Reluctantly, I lean back. You stand in front of me as you push your jeans down your thighs. My hands drop to my waist and I slowly lift my top up and over my head as you strip.

I help pull your shorts and jeans off your feet and you step out of them. My eyes widen at the sight of your cock... it's so beautiful. With one hand I reach around and grab onto your ass, and with the other I take the base of your cock in hand and rub the head over the side of my face, looking up at you and smiling. "Sit down, baby," I suggest. My body leans forward as you slowly lay back in your chair, continuing to rub your cock over my face and lips. My soft breasts hang beneath me and brush against the inside of your thighs as I take your luscious cock into my mouth. "Mmmmmmmm..." I look up into your eyes long enough to say, "I love your cock," and surround it with my lips. As I suck I feel it against the inside of my cheeks. The warm saliva in my mouth begins to flow and the slightly salty, sweaty taste of your penis is heavenly. I close my eyes and face straight down, bobbing up and down on you.


Anonymous Sex

Anonymous sex is very
hot and pleasing.

A girl like me loves to tease.
So do with me, as you please.

You got to be an adult to go to this place.
Its a secret so I try to go without a trace.

I go under the darkness of the night.
Always having a tinge of fright.

Glory holes are there for people like me.
To be able to go have anonymous fun and then let it be.

People come from all around.
To be able to have a chance of getting down.

When I go I always have a plan.
I try to fuck as many men as I can.

The sizes differ each time they come in.
I can only hope for a ten.

They can be small and thick or big and thin.
As long as I am capable of getting it in.

In between my wet juicy lips is where I crave.
For me to turn into his sexual slave.

If its not big enough and unable to fit in between.
I turn them into a queen.

The men are anonymous to me.
I have no idea who they could be.

As they come in one by one.
I get aroused knowing I may be able to make one of them cum.

My pleasure is giving him some.
Until he is unable to hold back his cum.

I want a man to cum all over my body.
Mmm! I love to be naughty.

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Look at me now here:
arianay85401 said:
Look at me now here:
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thanks for adding me gorgeous appreciated!!
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wonderfully sexy video, your so lucky to enjoy delicious more vids
please thanks for sharing...WE ADDED A FEW MORE FUCK FILMS..GREAT FUN
joiner68 said:
Love your stories, very erotic and sexy, you get me hard for you.
intrigante21 said:
Sei favolosa sophie, favolosa
sophiabelladonna said:
I'm back all my little Dominion.
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Sexy vids you should come to NY
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Cazzo! Fantastica! Un vero puttanone da far scoppiare le palle.
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Thank you for making friends x
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