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01 min 44 sec
friends doing what feels good
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Post par: jester_1 dans 2008-04-08 20:05:32
OMG.. that looks like an awesome party
Post par: redfred dans 2008-04-08 21:01:22
Great - send more!!! More lights and closeups. Thank you.
Post par: billhotair dans 2008-04-08 23:04:30
If you have more post it !!
Post par: tadaka dans 2008-04-08 23:16:06
wow thats amazing!
Post par: obzerver dans 2008-04-09 05:14:01
what nice team effort; loved it
Post par: georgelouis49 dans 2008-04-09 17:57:36
Can't leave us hanging like that. Want more!! glmiranda2@aol.com
Post par: piadad17 dans 2008-04-09 19:00:38
Something HOT, cant wait for more! Thx
Post par: thruxton43 dans 2008-04-09 20:59:34
OMG was she overwhelmed!! but loving it. way to give it to her! a regular girl (not porn star) getting DP has got to be miond blowing. and i didn't see it coming. your gal has a killer butt so i figured you ride it out... then off her and DP time. just awesome!
Post par: blingwingcpl dans 2008-04-16 21:12:30
Damn I`d love to see those Photos Kiiteman@aol.com
Post par: joecool_501 dans 2008-04-17 11:33:06
Great clip. She sure sounded like she liked fucking two cocks at once. Just wish you used more light and the camera could have been placed so as to see the cock in her ass and pussy. Lets see more from this. Looked like a lot of fun.
Post par: virtuoso69 dans 2008-04-18 06:10:09
que rico se pasa asi...no hay nada que hacer que es una delicia eso del sexo grupal...
Post par: moonatnoon dans 2008-04-24 11:33:54
Thanks! got more of it???
Post par: juaturs dans 2008-05-08 15:05:04
would luv to see the pix of the close-up dp--justurs@yahoo.com--thx
Post par: jonesy20098 dans 2009-10-28 02:45:35
one octave higher please! :P
Post par: littlebill dans 2010-07-31 02:36:21
Post par: nw-fan dans 2010-12-04 18:25:12
Holy Shit! She sounds awesome moaning and squealing.
Post par: milla_swallow dans 2011-03-03 02:40:33
This is what sex should be about. Girls enjoying cock and having lots of fun. Great vid!
Post par: dagnamitus dans 2011-06-26 16:16:19
Love the action, seeing her enjoy herself is amazing
Post par: setzman17 dans 2011-08-16 20:40:46
Please post or send more thank you
Post par: jensmustermann dans 2011-09-13 06:40:20
agreat video
Post par: realhung8 dans 2011-10-25 03:28:00
too hot!
Post par: gb7872 dans 2012-06-15 08:20:29
Post par: zeb_pyke dans 2013-12-09 13:36:00
Good friends are hard to find - so glad you found a couple. I love her moans and screams - and the way her friend was going over to help toward the end of the video. thanks for sharing, Zeb
Post par: 99money dans 2014-03-19 22:23:59
Post par: wollgart dans 2015-08-07 15:51:17
Wow , I should take more pictures like that! Amazing video ! LOVE IT!
Post par: eightincher2 dans 2016-12-13 00:45:06
I wish we could see more...
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